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01 Mar How to make Lip Balm for your lips..
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Lip balm are moisturizing combinations of waxes and oils that protect the lips helping to prevent cracked and damaged areas of the skin. This recipe is suitable for jars.YOU WILL NEED IT1) Small pot2) Glass or heat resistant measuring jug3) Suitable ..
08 Jan Hair Loss: Which Nutrients Can Fight It?
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On an average head there are about 200,000 hairs. Hair loss begins to exist when the limit of 80-100 hairs is lost daily. Diseases, drugs, hormonal disorders, anxiety, age and heredity are the factors that contribute to hair loss. However, the most i..
10 Nov Homemade Herbal Medicine
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Homemade Herbal MedicinePlant Name Sambucus nigraGreek name Saboukos the blackPopular Name Koufoxylia, Afoxylia, ZamboukosIt is rich in folk tradition that accompanies this plant, as it is often described as a "complete medicine" because of its innum..
26 Sep
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02 Aug
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02 Aug
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