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18 Mar How to make homemade Olive Oil Soap..
chris 0 525
Pure and natural homemade soap can be made with very few ingredients that we can easily find such as olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter.Olive oil soap also known as Castile soap is one of the most traditional soaps you can make at home.YOU WILL N..
05 Jan How to Make a Hydrating Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera ..
John 0 1615
Make a wonderful moisturizing face cream with hyaluronic acid and aloe veraYOU'LL NEED1) Small pot (water bath)2) Glass beaker3) Suitable containers (ointment jars)4) Teaspoon5) Scales6) Shaker or small mixer7) Thermometer 0-100 ° CCOMPONENTS:We will..
24 Sep Homemade Citronella Spray for Dogs..
chris 0 2740
Citronella essential oil is very annoying to insects, it does not kill them, but it has repellent properties.An easy citronella spray we can make on our own has the following composition:Components10drops Lavender essential oil10drops citronella esse..
19 Sep Homemade Massage Oil
chris 0 2120
Make your own homemade massage oil and provide nutrients for your skin while the essential oils blend is refreshing and sensual. It is not very feminine and as a result men like it also.Components10drops of mandarin essential oil10drops of ylang-ylan..
19 Sep Homemade Natural Balm for Dry Skin
chris 0 706
Make an ointment suitable for chapped and irritated hands.Many factors discomfort our hands such as detergents, bleaches, cold weather, etc.This ointment will help to deal with these problems.Composition:40g Shea Butter30g Cocoa Butter20g Castor oil3..
01 Mar How to make Lip Balm for your lips..
chris 0 637
Lip balm are moisturizing combinations of waxes and oils that protect the lips helping to prevent cracked and damaged areas of the skin. This recipe is suitable for jars.YOU WILL NEED IT1) Small pot2) Glass or heat resistant measuring jug3) Suitable ..
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