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Thermoval Baby Sense Infrared Electronic Thermometer (925092) (Surface thermometer also)Electronic Thermometer allows to measure the temperature without noise in a convenient and easy way. So that your little one gets the quiet sleep he needs to recover. It also offers practical features such a..
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Microlife MT 3001 60sec Digital Thermometer, 1pcs
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Microlife MT 3001 60sec Digital ThermometerThe MICROLIFE MT 3001 Digital Thermometer is a high quality product and provides reliable body temperature measurement in 60 seconds.It is very easy to use and the measurement starts with the push of a button.Suitable for use by people of all ages!Character..
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Beurer BY 20 Digital Baby Nipple Thermometer Nipple Digital Thermometer - Medical Product Oral Temperature Measurement Ideal for babies and toddlers 1 memory Measurement accuracy +/- 0.1 ° C and 35 ° C - 42 ° C < li> At 22 ° C at room temperature Audio signal Protective cover includ..
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The thermometer has a short measurement time of approx. 10 seconds. An acoustic signal is issued after the end of the measurement - for easy and precise measuring. Waterproof Extra-flexible measuring tip Measuring time approx. 10 sec. Contact-measurement technology Temperature alarm: wa..
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Electronic fever thermometer with legible, clear digital display. Measurement time approx. 60-90 sec Acoustic signal to indicate readiness and completion of measurement. Save the measurement. Auto power off. With waterproof and unbreakable housing. Disinfected. Long lasting interchange..
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Magnien Digital Flexible Thermometer
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Flexible end Digital display display Measurement range: 35.5 ° C to 42 ° C Measurement accuracy: 0.1 ° C Beep at the end of measurement Measuring 40 '' to 70 '' Measurement Memory Battery Life: About 4000 Measures Automatically Turn Off After 10 Minutes Low Battery Alert Waterproof Availa..
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Magnien Digital Thermometer with rigid end
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Rigid End Digital Thermometer Digital Display Screen & nbsp; Measurement range: 35.5 ° C to 42 ° C Measurement accuracy: 0.1 ° C Beep at the end of the measurement > 1 minute measurement Measurement memory Battery life: About 4000 measurements Automatically switch off after 10 minut..
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Specially Designed for Babies Fever Alert Measurement in 1 '' Recording Last Measurement Battery Indicator Battery life: 5000 measurements Sensor that requires no protection Infrared Packing: & nbsp; 1 item..
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Magnien Front Thermometer
Front, Objects, Surfaces, Liquids Accurate and healthy 3 '' measurement without touching the baby Display colored, red or green indicating if the baby has a fever (>37.5 ° C) Fever alert Light guide to the measurement area Measuring range: Front 34 ° C to 42 ° C Objects & amp;..
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