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Beurer BC 28 wrist blood pressure monitorStraightforward and easy to useSimple and easy to use that is what makes our wrist blood pressure monitors stand out. These handy devices prove themselves to be particularly reliable companions on the move, meaning you can monitor your blood pressure regularl..
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Beurer BM49 Arm Wrench Blood Pressure Monitor 1pc
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Beurer BM 49 - Speech Blood Pressure Meter Fully automated arm wrench and pulse meter ENGLISH Voice OperatingAdjust the volume with the ability to fully turn off the voice function Large and easily readable screen Saves the average of all measurements (morning and evening) of the last week Wit..
48.90€ 62.96€
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Veroval compact electronic upper arm blood pressure monitor - Complete automatic and easy to useUpper Arm pressure gauge for easy and fast measurement.Fully automatic blood pressure measurementDetects and exhibits heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias).Large screen for easy reading of measurement valu..
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Matsuda Analog Blood Pressure Meter with Stethoscope Easy to use Comfortable High Precision Use with one hand Clearly readable display Spring release air valve 3 years warranty Packing Analog Matsuda Stethoscope Nylon cuff User Manual Guarantee card Storage case..
18.23€ 26.04€
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Replacement pressure gauge in black. Natural latex. Fits all types of analog pressure gauges. Content 1 piece..
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Analog Clock Replacement Clock Replacement Clock. Packing 1 piece..
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Matsuda SYN K2 Stethoscope (handset) Designed for cardiological use. It delivers high-sensitivity acoustics. Details: Stainless steel precision bell. A double string is inserted into the tube to reduce volume and weight . Soft, threaded olives, for proper fit and comfort. With special ma..
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Medel Control Digital Arm Blood Pressure MonitorAllows the measurement and monitoring of blood pressure. Easy and fast measurement of blood pressure, recording of values ​​and showing progress. Indication of arrhythmia.Check for correct cuff placement.Memory recording up to 4 users.Ecumenical cuff 2..
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Clinically Certified by the European Hypertension Society With New Easy Arm (Medium Size 22-32cm) for Easy and Comfortable Measurement Big Three-Point Display (High & Low Pressure, Pulses) Memory last measurement Easy-to-use with one button Battery & Power With Greek User Guide Cont..
40.92€ 60.26€
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Omron M3 Intellisense HEM-7154-E Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (22-42cm)Clinically certified by the European Hypertension SocietyEasy to use with one button Only With arrhythmia detection technologyWith the Easy armband (medium-large size 22-42cm.) Suitable for fit peopleWith on-screen guide for ..
68.58€ 101.11€
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Omron M6 Comfort HEM-7360-E Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (22-42cm)Clinically certified by the European Hypertension SocietyClinically certified for both diabetics and pregnant womenEasy to use with a single button With Afib technology for reliable atrial fibrillation detection, which is a major ..
72.50€ 102.45€
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Clinically Certified by the European Hypertension SocietyEasy to Use With One ButtonWith Detection of Irregular Heartbeat (Arrhythmia)With Proper Wrist Pacemaker GuideIndicating On Screen If pressure is out of the normal rangeLarge wristband 13.5-21.5 cm to apply to all usersMemory of 30 measurement..
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