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Microlife BP A1 Easy. The MICROLIFE BP A1 EASY Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is clinically tested by the European Hypertension Society and provides the user with reliable blood pressure readings easily and directly.The MICROLIFE BP A1 blood pressure monitor was designed in collaboration with doctors, i..
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Animex Premium Man 351 Timer with Built-in Headphones, 1pcs
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Clock Pressure Monitor Animex Premium Man 351 with built-in headset. With built-in headset With Greek operating instructions Very reliable with quality 2 years warranty by the agencyContent 1 piece..
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Beurer BM 49 - Speech Blood Pressure Meter Fully automated arm wrench and pulse meter ENGLISH Voice OperatingAdjust the volume with the ability to fully turn off the voice function Large and easily readable screen Saves the average of all measurements (morning and evening) of the last week W..
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Fora P91
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Analog Stethoscope Blood Pressure Monitor Easy to use Comfortable High Precision One-handed use Easily readable display Range: 0-300 mmHg Adult 2-tube bubble Spring air release valvePackagingP91 Analog Sphygmomanometer With Stethoscope N-shaped D-ring Cufflinks User Manual Warranty Ca..
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Fully automatic blood pressure monitor for upper arm measurements based on oscillometric method extra large digital display memory function stores 60 readings and mean value automatic switch-off functionreplaceable long-life batteriesuniversal cuff size (22 to 42 cm)With carry bag and batteries ..
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Veroval compact electronic upper arm blood pressure monitor - Complete automatic and easy to use Upper Arm pressure gauge for easy and fast measurement. Fully automatic blood pressure measurement Detects and exhibits heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias). Large screen for easy reading of meas..
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Magnien Electronic Bracelet Blood Pressure Monitor
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Digital Arm Wrap Blood Pressure Monitor With Practical Storage & Carrying Bag Key Features: Early detection of cardiac arrhythmias Unusual pulse detection (low or high) Specifications: Fully automatic Measuring range: SYS / DIA: 20-280mmHg & nbsp; Pulses: 40-200 beats / minute Pres..
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Magnien IHD Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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With IHD technology Measures systolic, diastolic pressure and heart rate Easy and convenient to use Fast and reliable measurement < p> Large wristband for wrist circumference 12.5-21.0 cm World Health Organization (WHO) score designation It has a memory of 60 measurements with a date & am..
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Matsuda Analog Blood Pressure Meter with Stethoscope Easy to use Comfortable High Precision Use with one hand Clearly readable display Spring release air valve 3 years warranty Packing Analog Matsuda Stethoscope Nylon cuff User Manual Guarantee card Storage case..
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Replacement pressure gauge in black. Natural latex. Fits all types of analog pressure gauges. Package 1 piece..
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Analog Clock Replacement Clock Replacement Clock. Packing 1 piece..
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Matsuda SYN K2 Stethoscope (handset) Designed for cardiological use. It delivers high-sensitivity acoustics. Details: Stainless steel precision bell. A double string is inserted into the tube to reduce volume and weight . Soft, threaded olives, for proper fit and comfort. With special ma..
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