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Specifies Arterial Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and Heart Rate, Small & Lightweight, for Home & Mobile Use.Determines arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (pulse rate)Simple and completely zero measurementSmall and lightweight, for use at home and on the goSuitable for high altitude ..
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Contec CMS50D Pulse Oximeter with Travel Case, 1pcs
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CONTEC CMS50D Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Spo2 Pulse Rate Monitor (BLACK COLOR)Introduction Principle of the CMS50D Pulse Oximeter is as follows: Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin Inspection Technology is adopted in accordance with Capacity Pulse Scanning & Recording Technology.The Pulse Oximeter can be ..
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Matsuda CMS50D1 Pulse OximeterThe Matsuda CMS50D1 oximeter measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels and heart rate.With a built-in SpO2 sensor and imaging processing unit, it is an essential instrument for every family, but not only for home use but also for use in hospitals, for the care of a..
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Medel Oxygen PO 01 MEDEL OXYGEN PO01 is a pulse oximeter that measures Oxygen Saturation (Sp02) and heart rate (pulses). It is small and has a bright display making it perfect for home and mobile use. It has an easy-to-read screen with 4 different options available. Medel OXYGEN PO01 is s..
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