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Medel Family Plus Nebulizer
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Medel Family PlusAerosol therapy system with breath-enhanced nebulizerHigh efficiency and minimum drug wasteMedel FAMILY PLUS is a piston-type compressor nebulizer system, very silent and easy to use, ideal for home use.It is supplied with the innovative double-valve-system Medeljet Plus nebulizer, ..
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Medel Nebulizer Professional, 1pcs
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Medel Professional is a professional aerosol treatment system, provided with an innovative compressor that makes it suitable for continuous use. The Medeljet Plus Nebulizer is characterized as an "enhanced breath" dual valve system , delivering high efficiency and minimal drug waste. Equipped with ..
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Medisana IN 500 Nebulizer, 1 pc
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Medisana IN 500 For targeted treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases High efficiency through better cloudiness > Inhalation with mask, mouthpiece or nose socket Extremely suitable for children Extremely long tube Application | Features Compressed air automation For targete..
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