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Roche Accu Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Test Strips 50pcs
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Roche Accu Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Test StripsUse only with the Accu-Chek Aviva glucose meter.Easier blood placement. ACCU-CHEK Aviva test strips absorb a tiny drop of blood.Small blood sample. They need only 0.6 μl of blood.Easy to use test strips. The larger and wider film sizes make them easier ..
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Abbot FreeStyle Lite Sugar Test Strips, 50pcs
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Freestyle Lite FreeStyle Blood Sugar Tapes, which are only compatible with the Freestyle Freedom Lite integrated surveillance system from Abbott Diabetes Care. The system is small in size for easy transport and discreet day-to-night measurement anywhere. Content 50 test strips..
17.63€ 25.00€
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Ambitas Gluneo Lite Blood Glucose Meter 1pc
GluNeo Lite - Blood Glucose MeterWhen Technology meets Accuracy and ReliabilityNow your day-to-day management of diabetes becomes very easyWhy GluNEO Lite makes the measurement look like a game:Small blood sample, only 0.5µlMeasurement in 5secAutomatic codingLarge, easy-to-read LCD screenAutomatic r..
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GluNEO® Lite sugar measuring tapes Even more precision & reliability of measurement results The GluNEO® Lite blood glucose test strips are state-of-the-art and use the enzyme GDH (Glucose Dehydrogenase) in combination with the FAD (Flavinoadenine dinucleotide) coenzyme to provide accurate a..
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Infopia cartridges are single-use, sterile, stainless steel - Disposable Painless - Infopia cartridges are compatible with most piercing machines on the market. Packing 100 pieces..
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Infopia cartridges are single-use, sterile, stainless steel - Disposable Painless - Infopia cartridges are compatible with most piercing machines on the market. Packaging 50 pieces..
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Ascencia Contour Next Sugar Meter, 1 piece
* The sugar tester is given only if the order is accompanied by & nbsp; the corresponding test strips. New Age, Intelligent Diabetes Management Wireless meter and app You can simplify your diabetes management by connecting your meter to an app. The blood sugar you receive from the meter d..
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Bayer Ascensia Microlet Coloured Lancets 100pcsMicrolet Colored Trimmers. Colored needles, covered with silicone. For use with all Bayer devices. They give an easy and painless procedure.Content 100pcs..
4.59€ 7.55€
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Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter
For self-measurement, monitoring and management of blood glucose. Contour Meter Features: Compatible with CONTOUR test strips for reliable results. Fast measuring time of 5 seconds Easy to use Optional and advanced features Small blood sample - 0.6μL Automatic compensation for common ..
Ex Tax:4.03€
Ascencia Contour Next Blood GlucoseTest Strips For use with Bayer's CONTOUR blood glucose meter. Exceptional accuracy, even at low blood glucose levels. No CodingTM technology that eliminates errors in coding. Not affected by many common interfering substances.Content 1 item (50 strips) ..
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Bayer Contour XT & Contour Next 3 x 50pcs
-15 % SOLD OUT
Bayer Contour XT & Contour Next 3 x 50pcs 3 x Ascensia Contour Next by Bayer Blood glucose test strips 50pcs 1 x Contour XT Blood glucose meter Content: Contour XT blood glucose meter 10 Ascensia Contour Next blood glucose test strips from Bayer User guide and brief reference..
72.32€ 84.75€
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BD & nbsp; Needles for Insulin Pen 31G X 8mm & nbsp; & nbsp; For maximum security use Thin Wall Technology & nbsp; Angle-only and & nbsp; use only & nbsp; Excellent shape for maximum convenience and reliability Stainless steel specialty surgical steel Covered by polymeric silicone that ..
9.18€ 17.00€
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