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Alfacare - Pulmo Trainer Breathing Exercise Device
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PulmoTrainer Respiratory Practitioner. PulmoTrainer is a breathing exercise device designed to assist and improve deep breathing (inhalation). Deep breathing helps expand the lung cells as well as cleanse the airways of the mucus. Recommended to maintain or improve respiratory function in peop..
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CA-MI PulmoGain Breath Practitioner, 1 pc
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Pulmo - Gain Respiratory Practitioner. It is recommended to maintain or improve respiratory function in people with acute respiratory problems, in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and in bedside patients.  Improves the symptoms of shortness of breath Provides better qual..
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Glocifer Respiratory Exerciser 1 pc
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Fitness apparatus with 3 three-color balls corresponding to specific flow rates. It is pre-calibrated with 97% accuracy! Excellent quality. Packing 1 piece..
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