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Hartmann Menalind Molicare Skintegrity Cleansing Foam 400ml
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MoliCare Skin Cleansing Foam MoliCare Skin Cleansing Foam, contains creatine, supports the skin's own protection mechanisms. Odour-neutralizing, skin-neutral pH. It is used without water , has a dosing meter and is applied precisely. Facilitates cleansing of areas the skin with intense impu..
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Hartmann Molicare Professional Clean TissuesAlcohol-free gentle cleansing wipes for quick and targeted cleansing of areas of skin that have impurities, e.g. in cases of incontinence.They neutralize unpleasant odors.Used without water.They protect against the transmission of germs even with a single ..
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Hartmann Molicare Skintegrity Impregnated Wash Gloves 8pcs
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Hartmann Molicare Skin Integrity Impregnated Wash Gloves Nourishing and moisturizing with Aloe Vera and Panthenol. & nbsp; Quick and gentle all- over body cleansing for those confined to the body. Dermatologically tested for skin tolerance pH -neutral skin alcohol free Content 8pcs..
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Shampoo Cap is designed to cleanse and care for Inpatient, Bedridden, Head area, people who require special care such as intensive care patients. Removes dead cells from hair with a special formulation. Helps keep the scalp healthy with vitamin E and provitamin B5. The shampoo cap provides a co..
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