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Tena Pants Plus Large 100-135cm 8pcs
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Tena Pants Plus Large 100-135cm 8pcsTENA Pants Plus are lightweight disposable underwear with comfortable fit. With a range of innovative features, they offer Triple Protection against leaks, odors and moisture.Unique Double Absorption Zone for high safety and drynessBuilt-in anti-leakage barriers f..
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Tena Pants Plus Small 65-85cm 14pcs
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Tena Pants Plus Small 65-85cm 14pcsTena Pants Plus Small are lightweight disposable protective underwear with a comfortable fit. With a range of innovative features, they offer:Triple protection against leaks, odors and moisture.Unique Double Absorption Zone for high safety and drynessBuilt-in anti-..
11.04€ 18.89€
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It is recommended to prevent the development of ulcers and to relieve pain in the coccyx area. safety valve Available in 45cm diameter Suitable for use in a seat or bed Package 1 piece < / p>..
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Plastic disposable toilet seat cover. Just placed on the rim of the basin ... before you sit down. It's completely waterproof (because it's not paper) soft and easy to use in three soft colors. Each packed in its own envelope, to fit in a bag or pocket, get whatever you want, and get mo..
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Alkaderma ointment 30g
-22 % Delivery in 1-3 days
Innovative rehabilitation ointment with healing, soothing and regenerating properties Ideal for 1st-2nd degree burns, eczema, injuries. Relieves and reduces pain from edema (inflammation), psoriatic skin, hemorrhoids. Heals wounds of diabetic and post-operative wounds with high risk of infect..
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CPR ("Kiss of Life") Rescue Mask in Keylock, 1 piece
-16 % Delivery in 1-3 days
The CPR ("kiss of life") resuscitation mask is designed for emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation use. Suitable for patients of all ages by mouth Content 1 piece..
4.65€ 5.52€
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Epsilon Health Silben Nano Powder Spray Suitable for healing: Attractive ulcers (venous, ischemic) Injuries pressure ulcers irritations surgical incisions burns Silver is known by the Hippocrates era for its antimicrobial properties. The problem with its use in medicine is that it ..
10.00€ 12.05€
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Special Action Replenishing Cream Protects, strengthens and offers elasticity to the skin while relieving itching. Ideal for treatment of lacerations and diabetic foot, for empowering lean skin, for regenerating throat area to prevent stretch marks. Suitable for pregnant women. Specialty a..
10.40€ 13.98€
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Classic face and body cleanser with mild antiseptic action, in liquid form. Contains mild emollients, surfactants, and moisturizing ingredients that provide effective cleansing and skin care. With additional mild antiseptic action, thanks to Triclosan it contains. SUITABLE FOR Cleansing and an..
12.28€ 17.73€
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MoliCare Skin Cleansing Foam MoliCare Skin Cleansing Foam, contains creatine, supports the skin's own protection mechanisms. Odour-neutralizing, skin-neutral pH. It is used without water , has a dosing meter and is applied precisely. Facilitates cleansing of areas the skin with intense impu..
6.00€ 8.37€
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MoliCare Pad 34x16cm 3 drops (168101) - Absorbent Pads for Slight Bladder WeaknessFor Slight incontinenceWith wide adhesive strip for secure and comfortable fixation in regular underwear.With polythene back sheet.Odour neutraliser seals in odours tightly.Fast absorption with anti-leakage system for ..
4.46€ 6.88€
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Hartmann MoliCare Premium Extra Plus Slip All-in-One Incontinence Brief Large 120-150cm 30pcs (6 drops) (169848) Modern all-in-one incontinence brief with a three-layer anatomically shaped absorbent core, quick dry distribution layer, soft and curved anti-leak cuffs, elastic threads in the crotch ..
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