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Χάρη στα αιμοστατικά επουλωτικά χαρακτηριστικά του αλγινικού ασβεστίου, το αιμοστατικό βαμβάκι ενδείκνυται για τις μικρές αιμορραγίες και τις ρινορραγίες επιτυγχάνοντας άμεση αιμόσταση και διευκολύνοντας την επούλωση.

For safe and secure haemostasis. Calcium alginate-based hemostatic cotton for minor bleeding and nosebleeds. Thanks to the hemostatic healing properties of calcium alginate, Emostat plus hemostatic cotton is recommended haemorrhages and rhinorrhea, achieving immediate hemostasis and facilitating ..
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Kite Hellas Nozohaem Nasal Cellulose Nasal Gel, 4 x 5ml Applicator
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Nozohaem / Nasal Hemostatic Gel Nozohaem is an easy-to-use, safe and effective gel treatment that stops rhinorrhea at the moment The gel exerts a gentle pressure on the blood vessels and promotes blood clotting, stopping rhinorrhea immediately. Nozohaem is indicated in cases of rhinorrhea ..
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PharmaLead Hemostatic Cotton 2g
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Sterile product with antimicrobial and antibacterial activity by irradiation (C-rays) indicated for minor bleeding and rhinorrhea. It is characterized by high absorbency which allows the retention of a relatively large amount of blood, non-adhesion so as not to adhere to the wound, facilitating heal..
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