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Microlife BP A1 Easy. The MICROLIFE BP A1 EASY Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is clinically tested by the European Hypertension Society and provides the user with reliable blood pressure readings easily and directly.The MICROLIFE BP A1 blood pressure monitor was designed in collaboration with doctors, i..
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Beurer LS 06 Luggage ScaleWith this practical luggage scale, excess baggage will never be a problem again when travelling by plane. The easy-to-read LCD display and practical hold function quickly give you information about your baggage quantity.Blue backlit LCDSmall and handyAutomatic hold function..
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Epsilon Health Neoviderm Skin Emulsion for burns, 100ml
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Neoviderm Care Cream Emulsion:1st and 2nd degree burns (solar, thermal, chemical, after radiotherapy)Ulcers and trunksIrritation after cosmetic surgery (laser, peeling)Micro-trauma and post-operative scarringThanks to its sophisticated composition combining β-Glucans, hyaluronic acid and alginates:I..
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Hartmann Thermoval Baby Sense Infrared Thermometer 1pc (925092)
Thermoval Baby Sense Infrared Electronic Thermometer (925092) (Surface thermometer also)Electronic Thermometer allows to measure the temperature without noise in a convenient and easy way. So that your little one gets the quiet sleep he needs to recover. It also offers practical features such a..
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Matsuda Oxygen Spray 100ml
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Matsuda Oxygen Spray 100mlIndicationsCleaningBleachingMild antisepsisIngredientsAqua (Water), Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol Denat, Etidronic Acid, Phoshoric Acid, Disodium EDTA, Phenacetin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice PowderPrecautionsExternal useDo not swallowSpray away from the face to avoid inhalati..
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Microlife MT 3001 60sec Digital Thermometer, 1pcs
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Microlife MT 3001 60sec Digital ThermometerThe MICROLIFE MT 3001 Digital Thermometer is a high quality product and provides reliable body temperature measurement in 60 seconds.It is very easy to use and the measurement starts with the push of a button.Suitable for use by people of all ages!Character..
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Tena Pants Plus Large 100-135cm 8pcs
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Tena Pants Plus Large 100-135cm 8pcsTENA Pants Plus are lightweight disposable underwear with comfortable fit. With a range of innovative features, they offer Triple Protection against leaks, odors and moisture.Unique Double Absorption Zone for high safety and drynessBuilt-in anti-leakage barriers f..
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Tena Pants Plus Small 65-85cm 14pcs
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Tena Pants Plus Small 65-85cm 14pcsTena Pants Plus Small are lightweight disposable protective underwear with a comfortable fit. With a range of innovative features, they offer:Triple protection against leaks, odors and moisture.Unique Double Absorption Zone for high safety and drynessBuilt-in anti-..
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Trudell AeroChamber Plus AdultLarge MaskFor adults with large facial features. Suitable for people who may have difficulty with a mouthpiece, or who prefer the security a mask provides.Using an AEROCHAMBER PLUS* FLOW-VU* Chamber with your inhaler helps to:Ensure your medicine is delivered where it i..
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Unipharma Repel After Bite Soothing Gel, Ammonia-Free 6,5ml
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Unipharma Repel After Bite Soothing Gel, Ammonia-FreeSoothing gel Immediate relief from pain and itching associated with insect bites and contact with jellyfish or plants.Dermatologically tested & Suitable for children over 12 months.Content 1pcs (6,5ml)..
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WinMedica Sofargen Gel - for Minor Injuries & Burns, 25gr
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Sofargen Gel - Skin Gel for Minor Injuries & BurnsSofargen® Gel thanks to silver sulfadiazine (broad spectrum antimicrobial agent), and its high water content (over 95%) is ideal for the treatment of burns, solar or thermal, but also for minor injuries.It is essential for our holiday pharmacy as..
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Nexcare old ColdHot fort Comfort Heater / Ice Cooler, 260 mm x 110 mm The Nexcare old Coldhot ™ Comfort Therapy / Cryotherapy Compressor helps relieve pain naturally and without taking medication. Apply cold or warm as needed. Cold helps reduce edema and inflammation and warm helps reduce musc..
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