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Autan Family Care Lotion with Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Flavored light emulsion easy to apply to the whole body. Protects effectively exposed areas of the body from mosquito bites and other insects. The balanced formula is extremely effective and specially adapted for sensitive skin. Protects ef..
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Autan Family Care Soft Spray & nbsp; Mosquito Repellent. Mosquito repellent that leaves such a soft and dry feeling on the skin that you feel it is not there. Thanks to its corn starch composition, it is spread through small powder particles and dries quickly on your skin. Removes mosquitoes i..
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Protects against mosquito bites by repelling them for up to 4 hours. Suitable for children over two (2) years. Ready to use product. Apply the gel evenly to the uncovered areas of the body (about 4 pumps (~ 1ml) per hand area). For face application: the adult should apply a small amount of gel..
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Jungle Formula Kids, for child protection Hypoallergenic insect repellent, specifically designed for & nbsp; protection of sensitive skin & nbsp; children. Benefits Up to 6 hours of protection Ideal for use indoors and outdoors Suitable for children over 2 years Ingredients Contains..
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Jungle Strong Soft Care, strong protection, skin-friendly, fragrance free Alcohol-repellent mosquito repellent spray with soothing ingredients. Benefits Up to 6 hours of protection Ideal for indoor and outdoor use Suitable for children over 3 years > Ingredients Contains 20% Icarid..
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