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Altion Kids D3 20ml
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Altion Kids D3It is a dietary supplement containing 100% natural vitamin D3 for infants and children.Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol are essential in infants and children for proper bone growth and to strengthen the immune system.With handy dropper for quick and easy download.How to use: 2 droppers da..
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Frezyderm Baby Gums Teething Gel 25ml
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Baby Teething Gum GelSoap, fragrance, colour, parabens freeCE ProductOur soft gum gel has been formulated to provide instant relief to distressed teething babies.Its unique combination of herbal ingredients, including clove, liquorice, myrrh and arnica, soothes babies as their first teeth develop.Th..
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HT 15 lice combFor your child's healthThe HT 15 lice comb is easy to use and rids the scalp of hair lice and nits – without the use of chemicals.Easy use; rids the scalp of hair lice and their nitsWithout the use of chemicals                     ..
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Buona Ferrodue Iron Dietary Supplement, in Strawberry Flavoured Drop 15ml
-10 % Delivery in 1-3 days
Buona Ferrodue Iron Dietary Supplement, in Strawberry Flavoured DropFERRODUE is an Iron dietary supplement in drops, useful in case of added need or low dietary intake. Iron particularly contributes to the normal cognitive development of children.FERRODUE became even stronger: 1 drop is equivalent t..
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Centrum Junior Complete from A-Zinc 30 weighted tablets
-20 % Delivery in 1-3 days
Nutritional Supplement with 12 Vitamins and 4 Minerals and Minerals Essential for Growth Vitamins, minerals and minerals are essential in all stages of human life. A complete and balanced diet, which depends on the right choice and the right combination of foods, is a key factor in the development..
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Elgydium Junior Toothpaste Baby Toothpaste (7-12 years) 50ml
-20 % Delivery in 1-3 days
Tooth decay - chewing gum flavor. ELGYDIUM Junior is specifically designed to protect the permanent teeth of children between the ages of 7 and 12 thanks to its customized fluoride concentration ( 1000ppm fluoride ions). This toothpaste gel has a unique composition that strengthens tooth enamel..
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No Toxic Biocides, Preservatives, Fragrance and Parabens Product CE Complete Worm Elimination Treatment soothes itching and irritation. The baby's head is free of lice and nits naturally, effectively and safely. The treatment consists of Lice Free Shampoo, Lice Free Lotion and a special comb to..
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Frezyderm Lice Rep Extreme Repellent Spray 150ml
-31 % Delivery in 1-3 days
Frezyderm Lice Rep Extreme Repellent Spray Parabens, color and preservatives freeAn emollient lotion, that acts as an everyday preventative against head lice. The formula contains a combination of Tea Tree oil, geranium, lavender almond glycerides, which repel head lice, while conditioning and ..
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Toothpaste for the first teething, for infants from 6 months to 3 years old. Its composition, soft and safe for the oral mucosa, protects the first teeth from caries and plaque formation, and the mouth from germ growth while respecting gum physiology. < p> With a great raspberry flavor. Without..
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Soothing Gel - SENSITEETH KIDS APHTHAE GEL Soothing, healing gel for profuse and oral ulcers. Gentle gel specialized for abdominal and oral ulcers, safe for oral mucosa. Immediately relieves pain and irritation, reduces inflammation, heals oral mucosa and protects against germ growth. No medic..
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Tooth decay baby toothpaste for daily teeth cleaning. Its composition is gentle, and safe for the oral mucosa. Synergistic action of Fluoride 500ppm and Calcium, protects teeth from caries and germs, strengthens tooth enamel and ensures strong teeth. With a wonderful raspberry flavor. Clinical..
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Toothpaste for children with enhanced fluoride composition of 1,000 ppm and Calcium, safe for oral mucosa that protects against tooth decay, germs and gum irritation, strengthens tooth enamel and ensures strong teeth without seal! With a delicious strawberry flavor. Clinically Checked Gluten-f..
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