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A-Derma Exomega Control Gel Lavant Emollient 2 in1 500ml
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Aderma Exomega Control Gel Lavant EmollientMy baby's skin has a tendency to atopy or is very dry and I am looking for a hygienic, soft gel texture that will hydrate it after showering, leaving a distinctive hypoallergenic scent. At the same time I'm interested in the practical 2-in-1 packaging for b..
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94% Natural Ingredients Gentle Cleansing - Gentleness - Soothing & Protective Mild cleansing shampoo, chamomile & honey, calendula water, essential oil Chamomile suitable for children and organic and herbal ingredients that gently cleanses hair while moisturizing and softening it. ..
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91% Natural Composition Care & Hydration - Hairstyle - Softness and Shine Soft Rose Conditioner and Honey, Calendula Water, Geranium Essential Oil for Kids and Vitamin E that nourishes, moisturizes and exfoliates the hair, leaving it shiny, soft and manageable. Organic Extract ; and works s..
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90% Natural Composition Gentle Cleansing - Softness and Easy to Comb - Protect & Shine Shampoo & amp; Conditioner with mild, natural cleansers and emollients, pomegranate and honey, calendula water, geranium essential oil suitable for children and organic and herbal ingredients that gently cl..
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94% Natural Composition Gentle Cleansing - Natural Hydration - Gentle & amp; Protection Practical Shampoo & amp; Bath with mild, natural cleansers and emollients, tangerine and honey, calendula water, essential oil Orange suitable for children and organic and herbal ingredients that gently cl..
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Beauty Spring Natural Medium Sponge, 1pcs
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Beauty Spring Medium Size Sponge. Natural Bath Sponge Ideal for Adults and Kids Made with cutting-edge technologies, combining very high absorption with excellent skin tolerance Suitable for tonic massage, to boost blood circulation and to combat cellulite Its components protect against u..
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CHICCO 0+ Months Baby Safety Trousers (63 pieces)
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100% cotton ear cleaners are soft and elastic Ideal for daily hygiene and ear care. to the inner ear canal. Packing: 64 pieces..
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Baby Moments Soft Shampoo - Shampoo gently cleanses baby skin and hair.Chicco Baby Moments 500ml Its calendula extract composition, known for its moisturizing properties, respects the correct moisturizing balance of even the most delicate skin. With neutral PH. Packing: 500ml..
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At a pH compatible with the baby's tear, it doesn't sting the eyes. No pigments and parabens Gentle bath for daily bath that respects the pH, normal skin flora and infant's skin barrier. Thanks to mild surfactants it offers cleansing without causing irritation. Its enriched almond ester com..
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With pH compatible with infant's tears, it does not sting the eyes. Gentle baby shampoo daily. Thanks to its special composition it gently cleanses and nourishes the hair, while its wheat proteins enhance the hair structure. Enriched with chamomile extract for anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant..
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Gerakios Natural Sea Sponge Great
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The source of natural sponges is the island of Kalymnos and all the Mediterranean seas. Marine sponges have been used for years and have been involved in our health and beauty since the early days of our lives. Natural sponges have many advantages over synthetic sponges. They are more absorbent,..
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Helenvita Baby All Over Cleanser 1000ml Body & Hair Cleanser
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The Helenvita Baby All Over Cleanser is mildly exfoliating, gently cleanses the baby's skin and hair. Its natural-based cleansers have proven low irritation and respect the fragile hydrolipid layer of the baby's skin while reducing the appearance of dryness or irritation after bathing. & Nbsp;..
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