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Bepanthol® Balm contains 5% provitamin B5, which supports the natural process of skin regeneration while hydrating. Bepanthol® Balm, thanks to its special composition, forms a transparent layer that allows the skin to breathe. Bepanthol® Balm is suitable for skin, which is sensitive to skin irrita..
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With the Beurer expansion kit you can extend your breast pump or replace parts. The set contains a bottle with a pump accessory (silicone membrane, valve and tube) and a screw cap for the bottle. The bottle is 100% BPA free. Equipped with a soft-touch silicone pad for comfortable use For use..
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Beurer BY40 Electric Socket Features that distinguish the Beurer BY 40 Electric Socket: Vacuum Technology: Very comfortable use with 10 levels of excitement and 10 levels of abstraction Memory mode for optimal personalized experience Clear and illuminated screen recording time of use..
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Bio-Oil is a special skin care oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin complexion. It is also effective in nourishing mature and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil has won 349 skin care awards and has become the No. 1 selling scar and stretch product in 24 countries since..
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Antibacterial Breast Pads Antibacterial Breast Pads treat leaks between meals and provide double absorption over classic pads thanks to the micro-piercing that transforms them into leaks. milk in gel, keeping the skin dry. They have special fabric with antibacterial action that does not allow t..
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Chicco Chest Wipers 80pcs
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Chest wipes, enriched with starch and milk proteins, help maintain the natural amount of hydrolipids in the skin. > Used before and after breastfeeding and chest does not need rinsing. Packing: 80 pieces..
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CHICCO Natural Feeling Large Silicone Nipple Shields 0m + (2 pcs)
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Natural Breast Discs from soft and healthy silicone, protect irritated nipples and allow breastfeeding even in the case of flat nipples. The embossed nipple resembles the texture of the mother's nipple and helps the child to accept it like the mother's breast. They have anatomical cornices that al..
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Chicco & nbsp; Skin To Skin Small / Medium Silicone Breast Discs Protects the breast and allows you to breastfeed more. Shape and shape the thin thickness facilitates the transmission of heat and the smell of the mother. They allow maximum contact of the nose and the chin with the skin of the..
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Chiropractic Care Tightening - Tonic - Abrasive Complete care for beautiful breasts (chest, neck and décolleté). Combines firming and antioxidant ingredients for more beautiful and toned skin. Enjoyable, non-stick, discreetly flavored cream gel moisturizes your skin for a use that combines plea..
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Special toxicological safety test Nipple cream that restores nipples from the effects of breastfeeding. It reduces irritations and accelerates healing of micro-wounds caused by breastfeeding. Its specialized composition absorbs local moisture (milk and baby saliva residues) and protects against i..
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Italfarmaco Iofolen - Pregnancy and Lactation Supplement 30 capsules
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Iofolen - Pregnancy and Lactation SupplementFood supplement with vitamins, minerals and folic acidNutrition in pregnancyDiet is one of the most important factors for a successful pregnancy outcome. Nutrition in pregnancy should provide sufficient energy and nutrients to meet both the needs of the fe..
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Italfarmaco Iofolen Lactancia Breastfeeding Supplement, 60tabs
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To fully meet the increased needs of mother and baby in a particularly demanding period such as breastfeeding It is the ideal supplement to fully meet the increased needs of her mother. mother and baby in a particularly demanding period such as breastfeeding. Iofolen Lactancia delivers in the rig..
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