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Hartmann Thermoval Baby Sense Infrared Thermometer 1pc (925092)
Thermoval Baby Sense Infrared Electronic Thermometer (925092) (Surface thermometer also)Electronic Thermometer allows to measure the temperature without noise in a convenient and easy way. So that your little one gets the quiet sleep he needs to recover. It also offers practical features such a..
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Beurer BY 20 Digital Baby Nipple Thermometer Nipple Digital Thermometer - Medical Product Oral Temperature Measurement Ideal for babies and toddlers 1 memory Measurement accuracy +/- 0.1 ° C and 35 ° C - 42 ° CAt 22 ° C at room temperature Audio signal Protective cover included No gl..
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Beurer BY 52 Bottle & Food Heater, 1 pcs
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BEURER - BY 52 Bottle Heater & amp; Food For Mild & amp; Uniform Heating of Baby Foods, Preheat & amp; maintains Temperature & amp; Compatible with all Common Bottles & amp; Jars. 2 in 1: Preheats and maintains the temperature With LED display for clear temperature indication Mild and unifor..
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Beurer BY 80 Digital Baby Scale, 1pcs
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Digital Baby Scale Maximum weight 20Kg 5gr graded With tare functionWith "hold" function for more precise measurements when baby is moving Shuts automatically when not in use Easy to clean surface Dimensions 55 x 31 x 5.3 cm5 years warranty Content 1 piece..
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Temperature measuring range: 0 ° C to + 50 ° C Measurement accuracy: ± 1 ° C (0 ° C to +40 ° C) ± 2 ° C (40 ° C up to +50 ° C) Humidity measurement range: 20% to 95% Measurement accuracy: ± 5% RH (40% h to 80%) ± 8% RH ( 20 ° C to 40% and 80% to 95%) Displays maximum / minimum temperature an..
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HM 55 - Thermometer & Hygrometer Display the current time, temperature and humidity Provides a concise overview with a color indication of the climate of the space green = good air quality red = bad air quality Small and elegant: Ideal for discreet indoor climate monitoring Indiv..
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Beurer LB 37 Toffee 2L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, 1pcs
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Indoor Humidifier LB 37 TOFFEE For the perfect indoor climate, day and night Ultrasonic spraying through a perforated surface By night function: Silent with no illuminated button Low power consumption: 20 Watts Suitable for spaces up to 20 m..
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Beurer BY 76 Fast and highly effective LED display to indicate remaining sterilization time Disinfect up to 6 bottles in 7 minutes Contents remain sterile for 3 hours if the lid remains closed Eliminate all harmful bacteria without chemical additives Visual and acoustic signal ..
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It is essential for cleaning breastfeeding products. With nylon hair it adapts to any type of bottle and is specially designed to remove all traces of fat while not damaging the inner surface of the products. Its handle contains a cleansing brush for nipples and accessories and a special tweezer..
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CHICCO Baby Senses Line Colored Keys 3m +
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The teething period is a difficult and painful period for your baby. Ensure the best possible comfort, through a rattle, in various colors, which it can easily hold. It can be used for up to 3 months. Using Your Baby Develops Listening and Resonance Skills..
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CHICCO Baby Senses Line Colored Rings 3m +
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A new easy-to-hold rattle, ideal for the first few months. Colored rings consist of 6 rings of different colors that are detached from the central rings and can be combined in many ways...
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Designed by Chicco for very young children, this set is perfect for grooming. The brush is made of soft natural hair and the comb features rounded teeth for baby head care. It has a wide handle for safe and secure grip. Packing: 1 piece..
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