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Universal pH Indicator Test StripsTest Your pH CarefullyFast and Accurate ResultspH range: 0 -14Instructions:Take one strip from the box and dip into solution making sure 4 panels covered.Colors will change (within 15 seconds)Match results to colorchart on the boxRecommended for:Urine, Saliva, ..
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The Alcoholometer measures the ethyl alcohol content. Glass alcohol-spirometer from the French company Alla France! Easily and accurately measures the alcohol content of a drink! It has a mark of alcohol (0-100) and a mark of cartier (10-44). Adjusted to count to 20ºC. Dimensions : 30cm ..
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The Customer directly shows the percentage of sugar in kilos, that is, the kilograms of sugar contained in 100 kilos of must according to its density. This instrument can determine the sugar content of the grapes and their degree of ripening. The vinification effect can also be predicted by calc..
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DS-26 High Precision Digital Scale (0,001-50g) 1pc
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DS-26 High Precision Digital ScaleHigh-precision digital scale, in small portable size, is equipped with touch keys and large LCD screen with backlight for easy reading.Characteristics:Weight accuracy 0.001gMeasurement up to 50gDimensions 13.0 x 7.5 x 4cm.Setting setting between grams / GN / CT / DW..
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Glass Salinity Meter (Salinometer) Pess-Sel (0-10 oC)CharacteristicsSaltometer 0-10for 20oCLength - 30 cmFor professional measurement of brine of cheeses, pickles, olives etc. accurately.No recipe manual includedGerman madeContent 1pcs..
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Manual Capsule Filling Machine 100 Holes for Capsules No.0The Capsule Machine Filler quickly and easily makes up to 100 capsules in under 2 minutes. Simply place your capsules in the holder, fill, and gently tamp them down with the tamping tool.Feeding and closing capsules by hand.Contains "tamper" ..
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Matsuda Wooden Tongue DepressorsMatsuda sterile wooden tongue depressor of excellent quality.Available in a box of 100 sterile pieces per 1.Content 100pcs..
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MH-500 Digital Pocket ScaleThis digital pocket scale weighs up to 500g. It has an LCD screen with backlight for easy reading, automatic deactivation function (30 seconds). TARE function that allows you to remove the weight of the package when weighing. It has a durable housing, with a transparent li..
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PC-101 Swimming Pool and Spa Water Portable pH Meter & CL2 Chlorine MeterIt's hard to know the pH value and the chlorine level just by looking at the color of the test paper because the color cannot be identified easily just by human's eyes. That's why we recommend this innovative design product..
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Swan-1 Professional Mini Digital ScaleThe professional mini digital scale weighs up to 100g with an accuracy of 0.01g. It has an LCD screen with backlight for easy reading, automatic deactivation function (30 seconds) thanks to which the scale goes into suspension mode when not in use, as well as an..
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14-in-1 Water Test Strips14-in-1 Water Test Strips were designed for rapid (within 60 seconds), reliable, and accurate testing of 14 different analytes in a variety of water sources, including drinking water, tap water, pool water, spas, and aquariums. These strips are easy to use, and test for the ..
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