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Product Name: Cetyl Alcohol Cas No: 36653-82-4 MW (g / mol): 242.44 Chemical Type: C16H34O English Name: Cetyl Alcohol Synonyms / INCI: Cetanol, Cetyl Alcohol, Ethal, Ethol, Hexadecanol, Hexadecyl Alcohol, Palmityl Alcohol Packaging 1kg < / p>..
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Paraffin Light Pharmaceutical Oil Paraffin Oil Light Pharmaceutical Grade INCI: White Mineral Oil Light Cas No. 8042-47-5 Corresponds to: European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) Use as: Ingredient in Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics Origin: Italy Content 1 liter..
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Product Name: Stearin Powder Cas No: 67701-03-5 Chemical Type: C57H110O6 English Name: Stearin Powder Synonyms INCI: Tristearin, Trioctadecanoin, Glycerol Tristearate, Glyceryl Tristearate Use as: Ingredient in Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics Keep in a well-sealed, cool, dry place, protec..
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