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ALMORA plus is a special diet product containing a mixture of electrolytes and dextrose. Mixtures of electrolytes, water and dextrose enhance the body's hydration. The administration of electrolytes helps to restore their lost amounts to the body and restore the acid-base balance. GENERAL INFORMAT..
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Almora Plus Electrolytes for Hydrating the Body with Lemon Flavor Effervescent nutritional supplement containing a combination of electrolytes (Na, K, Cl), metals (Mg, Zn) and dextrose. Enhances hydration while helping to replenish body electrolytes. Magnesium contributes to electrolyte bala..
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Almora Plus Sport 20 - Orange Flavor Electrolytes almora PLUS is a series of nutritional supplements that enhance the replenishment of the body's electrolytes. Products almora PLUS can be administered in all cases where rehabilitation and / or maintenance of liquids and electrolytes due to ..
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Intermed Rizolyte 6 sachets
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Intermed Rizolyte Remedy for acute diarrhea disorders Rizolyte is a special diet product to prevent and restore dehydration of the body due to the mixed loss of water and electrolytes due to acute diarrhea. It offers immediate relief of diarrhea symptoms, increases water retention in the intesti..
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Lamberts Energy Drink OrangeProvides carbs to restore energy levels plus electrolyte mineralsThis tasty energy and recovery drink provides complex carbohydrates in the form of medium chain glucose polymers, as well as short chain molecules to deliver a rapid supply of energy to the body when it need..
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Electrolytes with orange flavor and B, C, E vitamins The electrolyte supplement from Lanes is an innovative mineral-rich electrolyte composition such as magnesium, sodium and potassium in combination with B, C and E. complex vitamins. This composition meets the needs of the body and provides reju..
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