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Στοματικά Διαλύματα

Gingivital Mouthwash Prevents Gingivitis and PeriodontitisProlonged taste and freshnessFluoride 250ppmParabens FreeFluoride mouthwash that prevents gingivitis and periodontitis fighting the bacterium Porphyromonas Gingivalis. Its innovative and powerful combination of zinc salt, cymenol and kelp ext..
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Intermed Chlorhexil Mouthwash Long Use 0.20% 250ml
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Chlorhexil 0.20% Mouthwash - Long UseMultiple protection of the oral cavityChlorhexil 0,20% Mouthwash is specially designed for the active control and elimination of microorganisms in oropharyngeal cavity. It effectively combats plaque and protects the oral cavity from irritation and inflammation es..
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Intermed Periofix 0.05% Στοματικό Διάλυμα Αποτελεσματικό για Ουλίτιδες και Περιοδοντίτιδες 500ml
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Intermed Periofix 0.05% Στοματικό Διάλυμα - Daily protection and care of teeth and gumsPERIOFIX 0.05% MOUTHWASH is a fluoride oral solution with chlorhexidine & hyaluronic acid. For daily hygienic care of the oral cavity, effective control of the olfactory microbial plaque, strengtheni..
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Intermed Periofix 0.20% Mouthwash Multiple Protection of the Oral Cavity 250ml
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Periofix 0.20% Mouthwash Multiple Protection of the Oral CavityPeriofix 0.20% Mouthwash, with the action of chlorhexidine promotes active control and reduction of pathogenic microorganisms of the oropharyngeal cavity. Its composition is enhanced with hyaluronic acid which naturally retains moisture ..
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Apivita Total Protection Mouthwash with Spearmint & Propolis97% natural originPrevents plaque build-upProtects against caries and teeth decayFreshens breathTOTAL Protection Mouthwash is suitable for daily use and completes your oral hygiene routine:Helps protect against dental plaque, caries and..
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The first oral care agent, which eliminates the causes of bad breath (bruising). For immediate action lasting 12 hours. Advantages Clinically tested, superior efficacy, with a unique patented composition, capable of neutralizing all odorous Sulfuric Compounds from exhaled air. The result is a bet..
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CURASEPT ADS® 212: 0.12% CHX Solution (200 ML) High efficacy, minimal side effects, maximum adherence to treatment Thanks to content 0, 12% chlorhexidine diglycone is an ideal oral solution (up to two months of use) for the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis. It can also be used in prepa..
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CURASEPT ADS® 220: 0.20% CHX Solution (200 ML) Optimum chlorhexidine effect, minimal side effects, maximum compliance Thanks to the 0.20 content % Chlorhexidine digluconate is ideal for intensive use before and after oral surgeries. Excellent patient compliance with ADS® Anti-Discoloration Syst..
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Curasept ADS Implant Oral Solution with Chlorhexidine 0.20% and Hyaluronic Acid, 200ml
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Curasept ADS Implant - Speeds up healing and tissue renewal, relieves pain. It is recommended for complex extraction of teeth after surgery to heal the jaw bone, during dental implant placement, for problems in the implant site and during the initial placement procedure. in all cases where incr..
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Eludril Care oral solution is indicated for the completion of oral hygiene, especially for people suffering from irritated gums. Eludril CARE oral solution effectively helps to reduce dental plaque formation, protect teeth and gums, and helps maintain good oral health daily. Clinically proven pl..
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Eludril Classic oral solution, thanks to a combination of its two ingredients, chlorhexidine cleanser and chlorobutanol, helps protect and maintain gum health by soothing them and making them less sensitive. It can be used in addition to periodontal and implant treatments. Content 200ml..
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EluPerio is an oral solution containing 0.12% chlorhexidine digluconate, which is a substance recognized in Dentistry as it helps to reduce bacterial plaque and reduce oral cavity bacteria by 1 minute. In addition, the action of EluPerio prevents bacterial plaque from forming, and helps prevent..
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