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Oral Hygiene

Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush Blue - Green 1pc
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Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush Blue - Greenlet’s make this quick: all the perks in seven secondsSo gentle, it must be right: the finest Curen® filamentsEfficient: densely packed Curen® filamentsReaches every nook and cranny: compact, easy-to-angle headClean at the right angle: octagonal hand..
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Elgydium Clinic Total Black Toothbrush 1pc
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Elgydium Total Black ToothbrushIt has conical fibers, impregnated with activated carbon at their extremely thin edges, which ensure optimal cleaning, while not injuring.It has a protective cap for optimal hygiene and easy transport.Can be cleaned in the microwave in a glass of water (1 minute - 600W..
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Baby Teething Gum GelSoap, fragrance, colour, parabens freeCE ProductOur soft gum gel has been formulated to provide instant relief to distressed teething babies.Its unique combination of herbal ingredients, including clove, liquorice, myrrh and arnica, soothes babies as their first teeth develop.Th..
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Gingivital Mouthwash Prevents Gingivitis and PeriodontitisProlonged taste and freshnessFluoride 250ppmParabens FreeFluoride mouthwash that prevents gingivitis and periodontitis fighting the bacterium Porphyromonas Gingivalis. Its innovative and powerful combination of zinc salt, cymenol and kelp ext..
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Frezyderm Pregnancy Toothpaste 75ml
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Frezyderm Pregnancy ToothpasteNo essential oilsSodium Fluoride 1.450ppmGluten FreeParabens FreeToothpaste for the daily care of the oral cavity during pregnancy and lactation. Specially selected active ingredients with synergistic action thoroughly treat oral cavity problems due to hormonal changes ..
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Intermed Chlorhexil F Toothpaste 100ml
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Chlorhexil-F Toothpaste is fluoride toothpaste with chlorhexidine. It offers daily care and strengthens teeth and gums.Indications As periodontal maintenance treatment in patientsStrengthening the enamelToning gum and reduction of gingival bleedingWhen followed by Chlorhexil Mouthwash or other chlor..
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Intermed Chlorhexil Mouthwash Long Use 0.20% 250ml
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Chlorhexil 0.20% Mouthwash - Long UseMultiple protection of the oral cavityChlorhexil 0,20% Mouthwash is specially designed for the active control and elimination of microorganisms in oropharyngeal cavity. It effectively combats plaque and protects the oral cavity from irritation and inflammation es..
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Intermed Periofix 0.05% Στοματικό Διάλυμα Αποτελεσματικό για Ουλίτιδες και Περιοδοντίτιδες 500ml
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Intermed Periofix 0.05% Στοματικό Διάλυμα - Daily protection and care of teeth and gumsPERIOFIX 0.05% MOUTHWASH is a fluoride oral solution with chlorhexidine & hyaluronic acid. For daily hygienic care of the oral cavity, effective control of the olfactory microbial plaque, strengtheni..
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Intermed Periofix 0.20% Mouthwash Multiple Protection of the Oral Cavity 250ml
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Periofix 0.20% Mouthwash Multiple Protection of the Oral CavityPeriofix 0.20% Mouthwash, with the action of chlorhexidine promotes active control and reduction of pathogenic microorganisms of the oropharyngeal cavity. Its composition is enhanced with hyaluronic acid which naturally retains moisture ..
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Intermed Professional Ergonomic Toothbrush Medium Black 1pc
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Intermed Professional Ergonomic Toothbrush Medium BlackMedium – 3.270 filamentsThe Professional Ergonomic Toothbrush has a functional design which ensures firm hold and optimal brushing results.Eco Friendly, recyclable and 40% lighter than the average toothbrush.IndicationsInnovative, ultra – flexib..
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Omega Pharma Plac Away Junior Teeth Toothpaste 50ml
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Omega Pharma Plac Away Junior Teeth ToothpastePlac Away Junior Teeth toothpaste, contributes to the protection against dental plaque, tartar, caries and gingivitis.It helps to the strengthening of the teeth. Source of calcium and phosphorus. It contains magnolia and liquorice extracts. For daily pro..
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Oral-B Genius X 20000N Black Electric ToothbrushThe Oral-B Genius X 20000N toothbrush is equipped with motion sensors and enhanced with artificial intelligence, to recognize the way you brush and to guide you to enjoy the best results every day. Now, it's easier than ever to brush your teeth, as you..
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