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Wax Ear Plags Soft ear plugs Insert the ear plugs carefully following the instructions. In areas with a lot of noise you should wear earplugs without interruption Protect earplugs from extreme temperatures and do not expose them to direct sunlight Keep earplugs away from children (risk of..
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Ear Shields Noise Helmets Wrap the cone-shaped contents and place it in a dry, clean ear. Packaging 2 pieces..
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Stirixis Earplugs Ear Plugs 4pcs
Hypoallergenic, especially soft and supple for perfect fit to the ear. Packing 4 pieces..
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Stirixis Earplugs in Wax Wax Earplugs 4pcs
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WARNING WARNINGS Disposable wax earplugs, soft and supple for long periods of time against noise. Warnings: Keep the product away from children. First consult a specialist if there is an ear problem. Failure to observe the warnings can cause the ear plugs to lose their effectiveness. It is rec..
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