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Epsilon Health MinOtik Ear Drops 10ml
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Minotik Drops - Ear Protection (10ml)Epsilon Health's Minotik Drops ear drops are suitable for cleaning the acoustic cavity and removing the cell.Epsilon Health's Minotik Drops limit the chance of germs and fungi causing irritation and inflammation in the ear area.They can be used by adults and chil..
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Otosan Ear DropsRespect for nature goes hand in hand with respect for our own body. This is why Otosan carries out ongoing research on new products to improve people’s well-being.The Otosan Ear Drops, which arose from this constant commitment, are prepared using organic essential oils, propolis and ..
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Chicco 0+ Cotton Ear Buds 64pcs
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100% cotton ear cleaners are soft and elastic Ideal for daily hygiene and ear care Packing: 64 pieces..
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Vaxol is a safe and effective method that softens and removes the cell (ear wax). This reduces the need for rinsing and helps as needed. Vaxol spray has a simple yet unique release system that has the ability to release a prescribed dose of olive oil to the outer ear (acoustic channel). Whe..
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Otosan Spay / Ear & Ear Cleaner Otosan Ear Spray is the result of state-of-the-art technology & scientific research on the daily cleansing of the ears with the power of nature. Contains a saline solution with tea tre oil and herbal extracts of aloe, lemon, chamomile, marigold, mallow...
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Lyofin Otorelax Ear Drops 10ml Otorelax ear drops have been developed as an effective product to easily soften and remove the wax from the outer ear canal and prevent it from accumulating again, smoothing the skin ear canal. Otorelax ear drops reduce the symptoms caused by wax over secretion suc..
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The Otosan cone prevents the creation of an abundant cell, which can cause several disturbances, such as humming and whistling. Packing 2 pieces..
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