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Epsilon Health MinOtik Ear Drops 10ml
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Minotik Drops - Ear Protection (10ml)Epsilon Health's Minotik Drops ear drops are suitable for cleaning the acoustic cavity and removing the cell.Epsilon Health's Minotik Drops limit the chance of germs and fungi causing irritation and inflammation in the ear area.They can be used by adults and chil..
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3M Nexcare Protetor Auditivo
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Nexcare Ear Plugs Foamy material Anatomical They offer comfort Package: The box contains 2 pairs..
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Alcon Opti-Free Pure Moist 300ml
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Multipurpose Disinfectant. Opti Free Pure Moist 300 ml is a disinfectant specially designed for daily care of silicone or hydrogel contact lenses. Liquid Removes daily lipid and protein deposits. Remodel the lenses, assist in cleaning and retain moisture for approximately 16 hours , providing c..
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Alcon Lubricating Eye Drops with moisturizing action. Suitable for temporary relief of burns and irritation due to dry eye. Six months after first opening container, discard any remaining solution. Package 10ml..
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Systane hydration lubricating eye drops, allows damaged cells to be restored to the surface of the eye. It binds water and thus provides greater hydration, lubrication and prolonged, long-lasting relief. < p> For temporary relief of burns and irritation due to dry eye. It can also be used to hy..
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Lubricating eye drops with moisturizing action. For dry eye, burning sensation and irritation. It offers quick relief and extended protection. For dry eye For temporary relief of burns and eye irritation Features Sterile solution With moisturizing action Offers prolonged protection High ..
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ULTRA UD System & nbsp; - Lubricating Eye Drops High levels of dry eye symptoms Extended protection through dynamic tear layer reconstruction It offers to patients quality eyesight for a longer time No preservatives Packaging 30 0.7ml vials..
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Alcon Tears Natural Free Med 30 x 0.4ml
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For relief of various irritant syndromes, dry eye. TEARS NATURALE® II contains the DUASORB® system consisting of two water soluble polymers: 1. DEXTRAN 70 2. HYPROMELLOSE This system mixed with existing tears promotes corneal wetting by correcting for both aqueous and mucosal layer defect of t..
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Alcon Tears Natural II 15ml
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For relief of various irritant syndromes, dry eye. TEARS NATURALE® II is a sterile eye solution with original composition. Due to its soothing and soothing properties (DUASORB®) and POLYQUAD® preservative, it is used to relieve mild eye irritation of any cause and dry eye. Packaging 15ml < / p>..
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Bausch & Lomb Biotrue 360ml
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Biotrue is designed to work like your eyes. Studying how the eye works naturally to cleanse, hydrate and keep healthy, Bausch &  Lomb has developed a unique and innovative solution to provide exceptional contact lens care. Biotrue goes beyond even the most excellent disinfection by combin..
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Bausch & Lomb Ocuvite Complete 60 caps
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Nutritional Supplement for Age Deficits Degeneration With Omega-3 Fatty Acids DHA + EPA, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamins C & amp; E and ZincNecessary for maintaining normal vision, they are taken only from nutrition and supplements.Nutritional Health Responsible for Central visionForms the protec..
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Dietary supplement to protect the eyes from free radicals & amp; blue sunlight. They are vitamin and mineral capsules containing antioxidants and nutrients. Suitable for Patients with Age Spotting (ECD), but also for diabetics and smokers. Supports eye health, as it contains lutein, which is found..
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