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Εμετός - Ναυτία

ALMORA®plus & nbsp; is a special diet product containing a mixture of electrolytes and dextrose. Mixtures of electrolytes, water and dextrose enhance the body's hydration. The administration of electrolytes helps to restore their lost amounts to the body and restore the acid-base balance. GENERAL ..
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'Rice flour & amp; electrolytes Remedy for acute diarrhea disorders Rizolyte is a special diet product to prevent and restore dehydration of the body due to the mixed loss of water and electrolytes due to acute diarrhea. It offers immediate relief of diarrhea symptoms, increases water retention ..
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Electrolytes with orange flavor and B, C, E vitamins The vitamin B, C & amp; electrolyte supplement E from Lanes is an innovative mineral-rich electrolyte composition such as magnesium, sodium and potassium in combination with B, C and E. complex vitamins. & Nbsp; This composition meets the need..
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