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Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema Bepanthol Sensiderm Eczema is a specially formulated cream that provides clinically proven itching and erythema that can be caused from skin irritations such as eczema / atopic dermatitis, severe dry skin, allergic skin reactions. Eczema is a generic term for dry and ..
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Dermatological herbal gel suitable for a wide range of dermatological diseases! Unique combination of herbal ingredients with rich literature on their antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect on dermatological diseases. Contribute: In bites, itching ..
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Specialized cream with biomimetic action, which reduces redness, itching and normalizes skin function. With its active ingredients and natural oils, it relieves and reduces inflammation, reduces cell proliferation, normalizes keratinocyte maturation. Accelerates disease improvement as it enhances ..
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Effective cleansing of the face and body, removing dead keratinocytes and flakes from the skin. Its unique composition of mild cleansing ingredients and fine symmetrical granules make it easier to remove surface flakes. It does not smell or stain. It is in liquid form. No parabens SUITABLE FOR ..
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Body emulsion that keratolizes (removes) the scalp and provides long-lasting hydration to the skin. It removes dead keratinocytes, has a soothing effect and leaves skin soft and scaly. It does not smell and does not stain. Without parabens SUITABLE FOR Psoriatic skin, red, delicate, deli..
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Specialized translucent cream that protects and improves the look of the skin. It offers elasticity to the skin, creates a matte invisible film, protects the delicate skin from exogenous factors, reduces redness, heals and retards the appearance of flakes. It does not smell or stain. No fragrance ..
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Cream for sensitive skin that is itchy and irritated. With a unique combination of vegetable oils, herbal extracts and emollients, it soothes and at the same time intensively treats fine, soft and intolerant skin. Ideal for skin care during pregnancy. Prix De Beaute Award 2014 as the best product ..
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