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Epsilon Health Neoviderm Skin Emulsion for burns, 100ml
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Neoviderm Care Cream Emulsion:1st and 2nd degree burns (solar, thermal, chemical, after radiotherapy)Ulcers and trunksIrritation after cosmetic surgery (laser, peeling)Micro-trauma and post-operative scarringThanks to its sophisticated composition combining β-Glucans, hyaluronic acid and alginates:I..
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WinMedica Sofargen Gel - for Minor Injuries & Burns, 25gr
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Sofargen Gel - Skin Gel for Minor Injuries & BurnsSofargen® Gel thanks to silver sulfadiazine (broad spectrum antimicrobial agent), and its high water content (over 95%) is ideal for the treatment of burns, solar or thermal, but also for minor injuries.It is essential for our holiday pharmacy as..
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96% Natural Ingredients Used for mild reddish-irritation Moisturizes dry & sensitive skin Used for after shave, as after shave Used for sensitive skin of infants and children Exclusive Innovation: APIVITA has replaced water with calendula infusion for its moisturizing and soothing act..
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95% Natural Ingredients Used locally in minor injuries, abrasions Used locally in pimples Used for acne skin < / li> Used for skin fungal infections in the middle nostrils Used to treat herpes Contains: 1% propolis oil, 0.5% propolis extract, 5% propolis tincture. No chemical ingred..
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Apivita Propolis Propolis Organic Solution, 50ml
100% Natural Composition Known as the "antibiotic of nature", propolis is rich in active ingredients, such as flavonoids and essential oils, which have antiseptic, antioxidant, therapeutic, antimicrobial, antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties Helps strengthen the body's natural defen..
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Bepanthol® foam spray treats light burns (eg home) and mild sunburn while cooling and moisturizing irritated skin. It is based on the innovative Nanosorb technology through which its nutrients are delivered in the form of tiny droplets, thereby enhancing their immediate and rapid absorption by the..
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Bio Dermafil & nbsp; - Bodybuilding Special Action Restorative MAIN FEATURES & amp; BENEFITS BIO DERMAFIL is a specialized body reconstruction ointment. Offers toning and protection to damaged skin and has a soothing effect. Contains root extract of Alkanna tinctoria & nbsp; Tausch and Calend..
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Hydrogel pad (40g) (disposable) in dimensions 10 x 10 cm. Ideal for all types of topical burns of 1st to 3rd degree. The product is safe for use in children, moisturizing, cooling and softening. It does not stick. Non-toxic. Get it to any First Aid Kit or Pharmacy. Packaging: & nbsp; ..
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Especially in the case of sore sores Suitable for healing: Attractive ulcers (venous, ischemic) Injuries pressure ulcers irritations surgical incisions burns Silver is known by the Hippocrates era for its antimicrobial properties. The problem with its use in medicine is that it is..
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ALGOFLOGEN for burns is a moisturizing cream for the treatment of nasty symptoms (dehydration, redness, itching, skin irritation), from sun, heat and chemical burns. Suitable in cases of skin sensitivity to the use of perfumes, detergents and chemicals. Active ingredients: CALCIUM: with propert..
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Help Pharmaceuticals Abilar 10% Healing Ointment 30gr
-24 % Delivery in 1-3 days
ABILAR is used to heal cuts, cuts, wounds, burns and skin ulcers. ABILAR contains a purified Norwegian pine resin , as the main ingredient. The resin composition in the finished product is 10% of the final weight. ABILAR should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. There are no side e..
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Histoplastin Junior ... the only red ointment for our little ones !!! Histoplastin Junior is a specially designed cream for sensitive baby and infant skin. The cream is a dermatologically tested product and contains no chemical excipients or other synthetic chemicals. Contains the extremely po..
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