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Calluses - Hardening - Blisters

Gehwol Toe Cap Medium Size 1pc
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Gehwol Toe Cap Medium SizeIt is a highly elastic tissue, without seams, coated internally with a flexible and skin-care polymer gel, which effectively treats calluses between the fingers and on the perineum.It is easy to use and can help difficult problems that require extra protection at the tips o..
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Gehwol Toe Protection Small 2pcs
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Gehwol Toe Protection Protective Ring SmallPressure relief and abrasion protectionSkin-friendly, soft and extremely elastic polymer gel patch.Washable and reusable.Content 2 pieces..
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Compeed Sports Heel Blister Plasters 5pcs
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Compeed Sports Heel Blister PlastersCOMPEED Sports Heel Blister plaster with advanced hydrocolloid technology for instant pain relief and fast healing. The honeycomb design provides 20% extra cushioning* for optimal comfort and protection during any high intensity activity.Designed for very painful ..
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