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Έλαια Μαλλιών

Rejuvenating, moisturizing body, face and hair oil. Active PDO blend with extra virgin Kalamata olive oil, sunflower oil, sea buckthorn, grape, almond, argan oil and orange, lemon and lavender essential oils. Offers deep hydration and softness, absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. ..
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Messinian Spa Precious Hair OilPrecious Hair Oil is a multi-purpose precious hair oil with PDO extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata, argan oil, calendula oil, silk, almond oil and grape and apricot oil. Suitable for all types of hair, for everyday use. Provides nourishment, deep hydration, radia..
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Zarbis Hemp Oil Cold Seed Cannabis Oil 100ml
-25 % SOLD OUT
Cold pressed hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is extremely rich in GLA (gamma linolenic acid), SDA (stearidonic acid) in the ideal ratio (3: 1) of ω6 and ω3 of fatty acids. Concentrate THC & lt; 10ppm Protects and nourishes the skin, giving it elasticity and radiance. With a powerful antioxidant effect t..
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