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The transparent protective shield for sensitive baby skin in the diaper area. Bepanthol Balm baby nipple has been known and tested for many years. It offers your baby daily protection against shocks (from diaper use). Its special composition and the absence of preservatives, pigments and fragrance..
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Garden After Tattoo Skin Care CreamThe Panthenols After Tattoo Skin Care Cream, is a specialist skincare cream for irritated and sensitive skin. It is an ideal and effective solution for skin care, after tattoo. The combination of moisturizing, anaplastic, antioxidants and softening  ingredient..
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Panthenol-Lyofin cream contains D-panthenol and Urea. This specialized composition achieves the best hydration and speeds up skin regeneration. It is rapidly absorbed by the skin, Provides fast relief and is suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types. Content 100ml..
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