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Hydrovit Mild Softsoap Face & Body Moisturizing Cleansing Liquid 150ml
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Hydrovit Mild Softsoap Moisturizing Cleansing LiquidMild cleansing fluid for the face and body, easily and effectively removes excess sebum, dead cells and impurities. Its rich formula moisturises and pampers the skin.  It can also be used as a make-up remover for face and eyes.NON-IRRITATING -..
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Apivita Body Scrub Cream with Rose & Black Pepper 150ml
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91% Natural Composition Peeling - Rejuvenation - Increasing Microcirculation Cream that effectively removes dead cells and deeply exfoliates the skin, preparing it to receive the following treatment. Sea salts, natural cellulose granules, lupus and poppy granules exfoliate and help increase..
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97% Natural Composition Immediate itching - Mild Cleansing - Hydration CARING LAVENDER with lavender & amp; olive oil * offers mild cleansing, soothing, moisturizing and does not burden sensitive skin, leaving it soft. Combined with mild surfactants that offer gentle cleansing, moisturizin..
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88% Natural Composition Gentle Cleansing - Oily Adjustment - Protection & Toning Practical Shampoo - Cleansing Shampoo Gently cleanses the hair and skin without irritating the skin and hair, has astringent effect and rejuvenates the skin. Mild cleansers and natural soap (soap) used ins..
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Apivita Natural Soap Jasmine 125g
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Apivita Natural Soap JasmineCleanses gentlyMaintains the skin’s natural moistureLeaves skin softA modern, smooth and transparent soap that cleanses while maintaining the skin's natural hydration and that offers a sense of well-being and relaxation thanks to its unique scent.Soap mass base of glyceri..
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Apivita Natural Soap Natural Chamomile Soap, 125gr
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98% Natural Composition Gentle Cleanser - Soothing - Softening and Moisturizing Its first-selling soap APIVITA with soothing action that gently cleanses sensitive skin or face, providing softness and hydration. Organic soap mass from palm oil and coconut oil ensures rich foaming and environ..
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90% Natural Composition Rejuvenation - Sensation of freshness - Removal of pollutants Cool bubble bath with essential oils, inspired by the principles of aromatherapy that gently cleanses the skin without dehydrating while maintaining the natural moisture of the skin. A vibrant, fresh-looking..
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Apivita Royal Honey Creamy Shower Gel with Essential Oils & Honey, 300ml
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97% Natural Composition Gentle Cleansing - Nutrition & Hydration - Rejuvenation Creamy, rich moisturizing shower gel Ideal for dry skin, inspired by the unique properties of thyme honey. Gently cleanses the skin leaving it silky clean without dehydrating, while providing a luxurious rejuvenat..
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97% Natural Composition Peeling - Grinding & Softening - Rejuvenating Sensation Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salts and Greek sea salt from Mesolongi gently removes dead cells, creating a sense of rejuvenation. Greek sea salt from Messolonghi and Dead Sea salts gently and most naturally remov..
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89% Natural Composition Toning - Antioxidant - Hydrating Toning shower gel with Greek mountain tea from Mount Olympus, the mountain of the Gods of Greece and the magical island of Crete. A unique product, containing 4 types of Siderite (Greek mountain tea) that gently cleanses the skin withou..
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Biorga Mycogel Foaming Cleansing GelBiorga Mycogel Foaming Cleansing Gel is a gel recommended to cleanse the face, body, scalp of sensitive prone to irritation skins.Its formula with gentle cleansing base gently cleanses the skin while respecting its balance and without drying out. It contains zinc,..
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Boderm Boskin Emollient Shower Gel 300ml
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Boderm Boskin Emollient Shower GelBOSKIN Shower Gel 300ml has been developed to clean and protect atopic skin conditions.It is based on:Glycyrrhetinic Acid (GA) that reduces redness and erithyma.Non Irritant Surfactans such as Coco-Glucoside and Glyceryl Oleate that provide deap cleansing, irritaded..
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