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Boderm Boskin Body Lotion - Hydrates the Skin 200ml
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Boskin Body Lotion - Hydrates the SkinBoderm's Boskin Body Lotion emulsion protects and hydrates the skin.Main ingredients & benefitsWhite tea: rich in flavonoid and catechins, reduces free radicals and provides antioxidant protection.Lecithin: Increases moisture levels and helps restore dry ski..
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Boskin Emollient Cream - Body Cream for the Treatment of Intense Dry SkinBOSKIN Emollient cream is a non-invasive technology medical device used to treat severe dry skin.BOSKIN Emollient cream treats dryness in areas of the skin that exhibit dry skin, itching, irritation and protects against the sym..
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Boderm Boskin Mix Cream - Moisturizing Cream, 100gr
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Boderm Boskin Mix Cream - Moisturizing CreamBoderm's Boskin Mix Cream has antioxidant action, deeply hydrates and protects the skin.It is mainly used as a base for galenic preparations.Ingredients: aqua (water), ethylheryl palmitate, propylen carbonate, butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter), gly..
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Epsilon Health Arichol 200K food supplement for Slimming and Weight Control 60tabs
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Epsilon Health Arichol 200K - food supplement for Slimming and Weight Control Epsilon Health Arichol 200K is a food supplement for slimming and weight control containing the Captocarb glycoprotein complex from beans in combination with simenthion.It slows down the mechanism of disintegration an..
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Epsilon Health Vidermina CLX Vaginal Ovules with Antimicrobial Activity 10x3g
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Vidermina CLX Vaginal Ovules with Strong Antimicrobial Activity Vidermina vaginal suppositories have strong antimicrobial activity and act as balancing and soothing agents on the vaginal mucosa.They are useful in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory conditions in the vagina.Vidermina va..
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Hydrovit Intim Intimcare Liquid Cleanser for the Body and Sensitive Area 150ml
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Intim IntimcareDaily-use liquid cleanser for the body and its sensitive area. With herbal extracts, lightly acid pH (4.5) that respects the natural pH balance of the vagina. Cleanses effectively, leaving a unique feeling of refreshing coolness.INDICATIONSDaily-use liquid cleanser for the sensitive a..
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Hydrovit Mild Softsoap Face & Body Moisturizing Cleansing Liquid 150ml
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Hydrovit Mild Softsoap Moisturizing Cleansing LiquidMild cleansing fluid for the face and body, easily and effectively removes excess sebum, dead cells and impurities. Its rich formula moisturises and pampers the skin.  It can also be used as a make-up remover for face and eyes.NON-IRRITATING -..
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Hydrovit Urea 10% Cream Extra Moisture on the Skin 100ml
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Hydrovit Urea 10% Cream for extra moisture on the skin with keratolytic effectIt maintains and restores the acid mantle of the skin, due to its specific ingredients and mainly to the moisturizing, keratolytic, antiseptic and soothing properties of Urea. HYDROVIT Urea 10% Cream is ideal when intense ..
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Medichrom Aloe Vera Gel Peach Nutrition Supplement 1kgDietary supplement with organic aloe vera gel (Cretan, Cypriot and Attica) in oral solution form.Aloe is a juicy plant known since antiquity for its healing properties. Aloe leaves contain a transparent viscous jelly with a high content of nutrie..
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Power Health Apple Vinegar with Vitamin B6 & Pineapple with Vitamin B12 20tabs
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Power Health Apple Vinegar with Vitamin B6 & Pineapple Gift with Vitamin B12 20tabsFree of sugar, gluten, lactose, preservatives artificial colors.Suitable for VegansFood Supplement with Apple vinegar and Vitamin B6Effervescent tablets with great flavorVitamin B6 contributes to normal protein an..
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SOLGAR®'s Lecithin 1360mg provides the body with soy lecithin and offers numerous beneficial benefits to the body. Soy lecithin is probably the most well-known dietary supplement in the world. Its essentials are fatty acids, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals. It also contains high-availability choli..
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Synchroline Synchroelast Body Cream 100mlBody cream to enhance and maintain elasticity and skin tone.It safely prevents the formation of streaks during pregnancy (use from the third month) but also in adolescence when there is a sudden development or in cases of weight loss.Usage: morning - eveningC..
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