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Bepanthol Intensive Face - Eye Cream 50ml
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Bepanthol Intensive Face - Eye CreamRegeneration Fast & Long Lasting MoisturizationBepanthol Intensive Face - Eye Cream is also enriched with natural lipids that help keep the skin in good condition.Provitamin B5 helps maintain and restore the skin's protective layer.Based on evaluation after us..
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Beurer FC 48 Facial Brush for Daily Cleansing
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Beurer FC 48 Facial Brush for Daily CleansingThe facial brush is ideal for daily facial cleansing and care – for a noticeably soft and radiant complexion. With circular rotation for exceptionally gentle cleansing and oscillating rotation for thorough cleansing to give skin a soft and smooth feel.Wit..
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Biorga Cystiphane Cystine B6 Bailleul Zinc Food Supplement for Healthy Hair and Nails The result of the very latest research by Laboratoires Bailleul, Cystiphane Biorga Food Supplement has a double action effect to keep hair and nails healthy thanks to its formula enriched with innovative activ..
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Biorga Cystiphane Shampoo for Chronic or Occasional Hair LossCystiphane Biorga Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo provides effective comprehensive action to help fight hair loss:Slows down hair loss.Protects the hair fibre from everyday damaging external factors.Gently cleanses without drying out, and respects ..
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Boderm Acnaid Cream - Control the Visible Signs of Rosacea, 30ml
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Boderm Acnaid Cream - Control the Visible Signs of RosaceaAcnaid cream is a non-invasive medical device intended to control the visible signs of rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that affects parts of face, such as nose, cheeks and forehead. Symptoms include facial flushing, facial redness, blotc..
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Boderm Acnaid Gel - Helps Reduce the Symptoms of Acne 30gr
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Acnaid Gel (30gr) / For acne prone skinBoderm's Acnaid Gel Gel helps reduce the symptoms of acne.ActionsIt reduces the size and number of existing pimples and prevents new ones.It reduces the redness that occurs on acneic skin.Main ingredients & benefitsHydrogen Peroxide & Salicylic Acid: He..
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Boderm Acnaid Liquid Soap 300ml
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Acnaid Liquid Soap LiquidBoderm's Acnaid Liquid Soap cleans and soothes acne prone skin.ActionsIt helps to reduce excess sebum that clogs pores of the skin.Removes micro-organisms that irritate acne skin.The composition of Boderm's Acnaid Liquid Soap is rich in water lily extract, piroctone olamine ..
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Boderm Boskin Body Lotion - Hydrates the Skin 200ml
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Boskin Body Lotion - Hydrates the SkinBoderm's Boskin Body Lotion emulsion protects and hydrates the skin.Main ingredients & benefitsWhite tea: rich in flavonoid and catechins, reduces free radicals and provides antioxidant protection.Lecithin: Increases moisture levels and helps restore dry ski..
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Boskin Emollient Cream - Body Cream for the Treatment of Intense Dry SkinBOSKIN Emollient cream is a non-invasive technology medical device used to treat severe dry skin.BOSKIN Emollient cream treats dryness in areas of the skin that exhibit dry skin, itching, irritation and protects against the sym..
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Boderm Boskin Mix Cream - Moisturizing Cream, 100gr
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Boderm Boskin Mix Cream - Moisturizing CreamBoderm's Boskin Mix Cream has antioxidant action, deeply hydrates and protects the skin.It is mainly used as a base for galenic preparations.Ingredients: aqua (water), ethylheryl palmitate, propylen carbonate, butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter), gly..
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Boderm Oliprox Shampoo for Exfoliation, Cleansing and Soothing of the Scalp and the Skin 300ml
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Boderm Oliprox ShampooOliprox Shampoo was created to offer exfoliation, cleansing and soothing of the scalp and the skin in patients who develop symptoms of Seborrheic Dermatitis.Its unique formula is rich in piroctone olamine, climbazole with unique antifungal and antimicrobial properties. The..
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Boderm Prototype Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Age Cream 50ml
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Prototype Intensive Anti Wrinkle Anti Age Cream - Anti-aging & FirmingBoderm's Prototype Intensive Anti Wrinkle Anti Age Cream is anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, firming and anti-aging.Main ingredients & benefitsHyaluronic Acid (Low Molecular Weight - LMW): penetrates deeply, hydrates, improves ..
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