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We are a purely Greek company. We create highly effective dermocosmetic products of great quality, exclusively available at pharmacies. We address the skin needs of all age groups, offering them the care they deserve. Our product lines are dermatologically tested, with absolute respect to the physiology and the pH of the skin and are clinically tested in recognized laboratories in Greece and abroad.
Pharmasept Aid Pain Relief PatchAnalgesic single-use patch for immediate pain relief, with slow-release technology. Enriched with herbal extracts. Provides 24 hours action where applied, with no heating or cooling action.Ideal for relief from muscle and joint pains, contractures, rheumatic pain..
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Pharmasept Baby Care Extra Sensitive BathExtra mild baby shower gel specially designed for the sensitive skin of baby’s body and hair. Suitable for use from the very 1st day.Enriched with gentle cleansing agents, plant-derived extracts and vitamins that respect hydrolipidic barrier of baby’s skin.Mi..
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Pharmasept Baby Care Liquid PowderBody cream with natural powder for the daily care and relief of baby’s skin, ideal for use on skin folds, inner thighs and diaper changing area. Free of talc.Due to its liquid texture, it protects, while being safe to be used as an alternative to powdery products, w..
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Pharmasept Baby Care Micellar WaterMicellar water for the daily cleansing of baby’s face, body and diaper changing area, with no rinsing required. Suitable for use from the very 1st day.Gentle formula, with 98% natural-derived ingredients that care for baby’s sensitive skin.Mild cleansing:Mild clean..
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Pharmasept Baby Soothing Cream Baby & Face Moisturizing CreamFace & body cream, ideal for daily moisturization and nourishing of baby’s skin. Enriched with natural-derived ingredients, moisturizing agents, and vitamins that are ideal for balance and support of skin barrier.Free of silic..
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Pharmasept Balance Body CreamCream for the daily care of face & body, ideal for dry / very dry and sensitive skin.Enriched with a powerful blend of prebiotics that enhances skin’s microbiome, preventing skin problems.Suitable for skin relief of the whole family.Clinically proven to increase mois..
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Pharmasept Balance Intim GelGentle gel for the daily hygienic cleansing of delicate intimate area.Formula's low pH of 4.8 promotes sensitive area's balance while its powerful blend of prebiotics enhances skin’s microbiome, protecting from infections.Gel is lactobacillus friendly* and ideal for use d..
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Pharmasept Balance Mild Deo Roll-OnCreamy deodorant for sensitive and intolerant skin.Enriched with a powerful blend of prebiotics that enhances microbiome balance, protecting the sensitive armpit area from irritations and inflammations.Ideal for the hypersensitive and intolerant skin.Skin microbiom..
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Pharmasept Balance Shower GelShower gel for daily use on face & body, ideal for dry / very dry and sensitive skin.Enriched with a powerful blend of prebiotics that enhances microbiome, preventing skin problems.Suitable for the whole family.Skin microbiome balance:Prebiotic agent BiolinTMGentle c..
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Pharmasept Cleria Renewal Dry Oil for Face, Body and Hair with Golden MasticDry oil for face, body and hair, rich in moisturizing & anti-aging ingredients. With unique fragrance and lightweight texture, it is quickly absorbed without any greasy feeling left behind.Anti-aging action:Mastic O..
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Pharmasept Cryo Power Gel PlusCooling gel, enriched with herbal extracts, for immediate relief of aching muscles.It offers immediate cooling sensation where applied, stopping the pain for 3-4 hours. It is quickly absorbed, leaving no stains (free of colorants). Ideal for use after workouts and ..
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Pharmasept Extra Mild Deo Roll-on for Children and TeenagersExtra mild deodorant for children and teenagers with natural derived ingredients.Hypoallergenic composition free of aluminum salts and alcohol, with natural deodorizing agents that provide effective protection, without preventing natural pe..
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