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Heremco Easymax Sugar Test Strips 50 pcs
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Indication for pre- and post-meal measurement Blood volume detection Shelf life 180 days after opening GDH-FAD enzyme system (no interference) with 61 substances) With ISO 15197/2013 certification Measurements in 5 sec with only 0.6μL of blood Content 50pcs..
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Heremco Histoplastin Hand Cream 50ml
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Heremco Histoplastin Hand Cream100% natural product, suitable for all ages.Regenerates the skin of the hands from daily wear.Protects hands from the signs of aging.Discolors dark spots.Restores the youthful appearance of the hands.BENEFITSHydration and Regeneration,Protection from daily wear,Anti-ag..
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Heremco Histoplastin Junior Regenerating and Replenishing Cream for Children, 30ml
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Histoplastin Junior ... the only red ointment for our little ones !!! Histoplastin Junior is a specially designed cream for sensitive baby and infant skin. The cream is a dermatologically tested product and contains no chemical excipients or other synthetic chemicals. Contains the extremely po..
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Heremco Histoplastin Red Regenerating and Replenishing Cream, 30ml
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Histoplastin Red ... the miraculous red cream - A natural elixir for the skin !!! READING, REPRODUCTION & RESTORATION TO THE MAXIMUM LEATHER Histoplastin Red is a Greek product with a unique, patented international composition. Contains the 3X Complex triple plant complex with strong reg..
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Heremco Histoplastin Red Regenerative Cream, 20ml
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Heremco Histoplastin Red 20mlHistoplastin Red Cream is a regenerative and remedial cream that is the result of 40 years of research by Professor Papageorgiou and his research team in collaboration with internationally renowned institutes, universities and research centers. It is known as "Miracle Re..
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Heremco SILOffGyn Vaginal Cream with Healing and Lubricating properties 30ml
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SILOffGyn ... the natural solution for women !!! What is SILOffGyn? SILOffGyn is a Medical Device in vaginal gel form for treatment of micro-infections caused by HPV or dryness. What is its use? SILOffGyn creates a protective film on the vesicular mucosa that acts as a defense barrier..
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