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Basf Fendona Top 100cc

Basf Fendona Top 100cc
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Basf Fendona Top 100cc
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A high performance residual insecticide spray treatment with rapid knockdown.

  • Fendona is the first choice spray treatment for insect pests. It is a high performance residual insecticide with a broad spectrum of action against a large variety of insect pests.
  • It is suitable for use in and around private households, public facilities such as hospitals, schools, restaurants or canteens and in the food and drink industry.

Immediate results

  • Fendona is economic in use, but at the same time possesses superior effectiveness.
  • It delivers immediate results with insects showing the signs of sensitization within 5 minutes, full knockdown after 30 minutes and death within 24 hours.

Long Lasting Effect

  • The advanced suspension concentrate formulation provides homogeneous distribution and the spray deposit can remain active for up to 12 weeks even on difficult porous surfaces.

Ease of Use

  • Fendona comes with an integrated measuring chamber for easy and accurate dosing.
  • It is odorless, non staining and of very low toxicity to humans and mammals making it ideal for sensitive accounts.

Active ingredient

Fendona contains the active ingredient alpha-cypermethrin, which is readily soluble in fat, thus ensuring excellent absorption.

Synthetic pyrethroids block the neuronal sodium channels, leading to hyperexcitation, disordered movements followed by the death of the insect.

Contains alpha-cypermethrin (Pyrethroid) 1,58% w/w

Content 100ml

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