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Workplace Pharmacy Compliant with Greek Law (Β' 2562/2013)

Workplace Pharmacy Compliant with Greek Law (Β' 2562/2013)
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Workplace Pharmacy Compliant with Greek Law (Β' 2562/2013)
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The minimum required materials for first aid kits and workplace pharmacies are:

5 x Ocular solution for washing

1 x Ointment for Burn Healing.

4 x Gloves.

1 x Hand disinfectant.

1 x Sterile gauze boxes of five centimeters, ten centimeters and fifteen centimeters.

1 x Cotton.

1 x Leucoplast 0.08 m wide.

10 x Leucoplast with sterile gauze.

1 x Bandage 2.50 X 0.05 meters.

1 x Bandage 2.50 X 0.10 meters.

1 x Triangular bandage.

1 x Hemostatic bandage.

1 x Oxyzene

1 x Alcohol

5 x Glossary

10 x Plastic or Paper Cups


1. In order for your business pharmacy to comply with existing Greek legislation you will still need:

a) Acetylsalicylic acid.

b) Paracetamol.

c) Antihistamine tablets.

d) Cortisone tablets (prednisolone 4 mg).

e) Cortisone injection (methylprednisolone 125 mg).

f) Antacid tablets.

g) Spasmolytic tablets.

h) Anti-diarrhea tablets - Loperamide.

i) Antiseptic col.

j) Antihistamine ointment.

k) Antibiotic gauze (Fusidic acid).

l) 250 or 500 ml saline.

m) Antiseptic solution (solution ext. use Povidone Iodine 10%).

The above drugs are NOT allowed to be sold online (and will NOT be shipped). Contact our pharmacy.

2. No carry bag or box included

3. For those interested in enriching their business pharmacy with more first aid materials than required by the Greek Law, we recommend the following:

Scissors, Electronic Thermometer, Rescue Mask (CPR), Leucoplast in various sizes, Ammonia stick, Ice spray, Safety pins, Tweezers, fire blanket

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