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Apivita Eucalyptus Cream for Breathing, 40ml
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97% natural ingredients Relieves common cold symptoms Releases breath Improves microcirculation Exclusive innovation: APIVITA has replaced water with eucalyptus infusion for its antibacterial action. Contains: 84% eucalyptus essential oil, 50% eucalyptus infusion. No chemical ingredie..
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Thermale Med GelRelieves the symptoms of the common cold and frees the breath.It is enriched with Menthol, Panthenol and Eucalyptus, Thyme, Pine, Tea Tree essential oils.They relax and stimulate the afflicted muscles, ideal for the symptoms of the common cold, while at the same time moisturizing and..
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Zarbis Camoil Johnz Eucalyptus Herbal Cream 50ml
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Eucalyptus herbal cream offers immediate relief from the symptoms of colds (stuffy nose, feeling swollen, etc.). Eucalyptus oil has strong antiseptic and expectorant effect, while natural Cinnamon & amp; the Mint contains a feeling of relief, well-being & cool! Suitable for children, wi..
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