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Swimming Pool

Tablets of 200gr with 90% active chlorine to disinfect pool water. -------------------------------------------------------------------Cas No. 87-90-1 Lot Number: S553190690 Use as: Water Disinfectant Keep in a well-sealed container, in a cool, dry place, away from acids.---------------------..
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PC-101 Swimming Pool and Spa Water Portable pH Meter & CL2 Chlorine MeterIt's hard to know the pH value and the chlorine level just by looking at the color of the test paper because the color cannot be identified easily just by human's eyes. That's why we recommend this innovative design product..
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14-in-1 Water Test Strips14-in-1 Water Test Strips were designed for rapid (within 60 seconds), reliable, and accurate testing of 14 different analytes in a variety of water sources, including drinking water, tap water, pool water, spas, and aquariums. These strips are easy to use, and test for the ..
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