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Special Action Replenishing Cream Protects, strengthens and offers elasticity to the skin while relieving itching. Ideal for treatment of lacerations and diabetic foot, for empowering lean skin, for regenerating throat area to prevent stretch marks. Suitable for pregnant women. Specialty a..
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Pharmasept Baby Care Liquid Powder 150ml
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Pharmasept Baby Care Liquid PowderBody cream with natural powder for the daily care and relief of baby’s skin, ideal for use on skin folds, inner thighs and diaper changing area. Free of talc.Due to its liquid texture, it protects, while being safe to be used as an alternative to powdery products, w..
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Καθημερινή φυσική ενυδάτωση για τη βρεφική επιδερμίδαΑπαλή ενυδατική κρέμα με 100% φυσική σύνθεση, βασισμένη σε φυσικούς γαλακτωματοματοποιητές λεκιθίνης απόλυτα συμβατούς με το δέρμα. Πλούσια σε φυτικά εκχυλίσματα, ενυδατικούς παράγοντες και βιταμίνες, χαρίζει στην επιδερμίδα την χαμένη υγρασία της..
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Local analgesic gel with herbal extracts. Immediately relieves bumps, swelling, sprains & amp; ice power sucking Where applicable, it offers accelerated cooling that stops the pain for 3 to 4 hours. Ideal for acute and immediate pain, bumps, injuries, bruises, edema. Instantly absorbed & amp; ..
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Pharmasept Extra Mild Deo Roll-on for Children and Teenagers 50ml
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Pharmasept Extra Mild Deo Roll-on for Children and TeenagersExtra mild deodorant for children and teenagers with natural derived ingredients.Hypoallergenic composition free of aluminum salts and alcohol, with natural deodorizing agents that provide effective protection, without preventing natural pe..
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Specialty Face Cream & body, which relieves irritation and burns instantly and effectively (solar, thermal, chemical etc). Its specialized composition soothes the affected area, offering moisturizing & antiseptic action, while enhancing the regeneration of the skin. Ideal after waxing, sha..
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Pharmasept Flogo Calm Extra Care 50ml
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Flogo Calm Extra Care 50mlImmediate relief of rash, irritation and rednessA regenerative cream that protects the sensitive skin from dehydration and rash.Thanks to its special formula of herbal esters OGT immediately relieves and renews the pained skinPerfect texture, spreads easily on the skin.Crea..
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Pharmasept Mild Dishwash Detergent 400ml
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Pharmasept Mild Dishwash Detergent Mild liquid detergent, specially designed for cleaning baby bottles and baby utensils. Enriched with mild cleansers of plant origin, special enzymes and organic chamomile extract.Ideal for use from the 1st day. cleanliness · gentle care · subtle fragrance..
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Pharmasept Thermorelief Heat Power GelHeating action gel that gives immediate feeling of relaxation and relief to the tired and tired parts of the body. Its unique composition contains mild healing agents that do not irritate the skin, have proven high efficacy and ensure long lasting action. In add..
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Pharmasept Tol Velvet Baby Extra Calm Cream Waterproof Diaper Cream 150ml
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Καθημερινή προστασία από ερεθισμούς και συγκάματαΠροστατευτική κρέμα για κάθε αλλαγή της πάνας με απαλή υποαλλεργική σύνθεση σχεδιασμένη για το ευαίσθητο δέρμα του μωρού. Η σύνθεσή της με 5% οξείδιο του ψευδαργύρου δημιουργεί ένα αδιάβροχο φιλμ προστασίας στην επιδερμίδα που την προφυλάσσει από τη δ..
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Cleanses and protects sensitive baby skin A natural baby bath without alkali or soap that gently cleanses body and hair. Enriched with herbal extracts, moisturizing agents and vitamins, it protects sensitive skin from irritation and gives the skin the correct hydration & amp; softness to avoid dry..
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Pharmasept Tol Velvet Baby Natural Body Oil & Baby Face 100ml
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Natural Hydration softness for sensitive baby skin Tol Velvet Baby Natural Oil is a baby hypoallergenic moisturizing and care oil, 100% natural composition without paraffin oil. It is enriched with Vitamin E and beneficial vegetable oils, which prevent dehydration, soothe irritations and give ela..
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