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Replacement pressure gauge in black. Natural latex. Fits all types of analog pressure gauges. Content 1 piece..
1.49€ 1.98€
Ex Tax:1.20€
Analog Clock Replacement Clock Replacement Clock. Packing 1 piece..
5.58€ 7.44€
Ex Tax:4.50€
Matsuda SYN K2 Stethoscope (handset) Designed for cardiological use. It delivers high-sensitivity acoustics. Details: Stainless steel precision bell. A double string is inserted into the tube to reduce volume and weight . Soft, threaded olives, for proper fit and comfort. With special ma..
4.40€ 5.33€
Ex Tax:3.55€
Replacement Pressure Valve, 1pcs
-25 % SOLD OUT
Replacement metallic pressure gauge valve. Suitable for all analog and mercury pressure gauges. Package 1 piece..
1.86€ 2.48€
Ex Tax:1.50€
Rossmax Cuff Large (34-46cm)
-18 % SOLD OUT
OMRON ROSSMAX LARGE PRESSURE ARMY Suitable for Omron type blood pressure gauges For large armrests 34-46cm in diameter Packing 1 piece..
19.84€ 24.28€
Ex Tax:16.00€
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