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Workplace and Vehicle Pharmacies

Car Pharmacy Compliant with Greek Law (167 A '/ 1977)
Delivery in 1-3 days
1 x Cotton4 x Sterile gauze1 x Leukoplast4 x Bandages (3 different sizes)2 x Hemostatic Bandages (2 different sizes)1 x AlcoholCOMMENTS:1. In order for your car pharmacy to comply with existing legislation you will also need 1x Mercurochrom (contact our pharmacy) *2. No carry bag or box included3. F..
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Workplace Pharmacy Compliant with Greek Law (Β' 2562/2013)
Delivery in 1-3 days
The minimum required materials for first aid kits and workplace pharmacies are:5 x Ocular solution for washing1 x Ointment for Burn Healing.4 x Gloves.1 x Hand disinfectant.1 x Sterile gauze boxes of five centimeters, ten centimeters and fifteen centimeters.1 x Cotton.1 x Leucoplast 0.08 m wide.10 x..
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