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Galenic Preparations (IPPs)

What are galenic preparations (IPPs= individually prepared preparations)?

The name comes from the greatest, after Hippocrates, physician of antiquity, Galen.

Galenic preparations are pharmaceutical forms that are prepared in the Laboratory of the Pharmacy by the Responsible Pharmacist following the order, prescription and instruction of the treating Doctor.

Why do we need galenic preparations?

The compounding preparations gives to the doctor and the patient the following possibilities:

When there are no corresponding commercial preparations

  1. They do not circulate
  2. A combination of active substances that are not commercially available is required
  3. They are in short supply

They are addressed to groups of patients with special needs

  1. Swallowing problems (newborns, infants, children, the elderly)
  2. Intolerance to excipient of the preparation
  3. Allergy to the excipient of the preparation
  4. Choice of personalized dosage.
  5. Preparation of preparations in a form and taste that is pleasing to children. In this way we achieve compliance of the patient in the form desired by the doctor.

Compounding preparations for veterinary use

  1. There is the ability to compound for our little friends when there is usually a restriction on the dosage and pharmaceutical forms of commercial preparations.


The use of galenic preparations should be done according to medical instructions.

The sending of galenic preparations is not allowed by the current legislation.

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