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CHICCO Baby Senses Line Colored Keys 3m +
-19 % SOLD OUT
The teething period is a difficult and painful period for your baby. Ensure the best possible comfort, through a rattle, in various colors, which it can easily hold. It can be used for up to 3 months. Using Your Baby Develops Listening and Resonance Skills..
3.58€ 4.40€
Ex Tax:2.89€
CHICCO Baby Senses Line Colored Rings 3m +
-19 % SOLD OUT
A new easy-to-hold rattle, ideal for the first few months. Colored rings consist of 6 rings of different colors that are detached from the central rings and can be combined in many ways...
3.58€ 4.40€
Ex Tax:2.89€
Refreshing toothpaste with gel, which comes into the fridge to relieve the baby's gums during the difficult period of the tooth, With ergonomic shape and design the apple...
6.04€ 7.42€
Ex Tax:4.87€
The refreshing cherry-shaped toothpick is ideal for the child's greatest relief during the period of first teeth extraction. It contains sterile water and to cool it we put it in the refrigerator and NO in the freezer...
3.62€ 4.45€
Ex Tax:2.92€
Cheerful teething rings, soft material and ergonomic handle. From Silicone In 2 designs: Lemon and Grape. Packaging Contains and 2 pieces..
5.23€ 6.42€
Ex Tax:4.22€
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