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Medel Control Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 1pc
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Medel Control Digital Arm Blood Pressure MonitorAllows the measurement and monitoring of blood pressure. Easy and fast measurement of blood pressure, recording of values ​​and showing progress. Indication of arrhythmia.Check for correct cuff placement.Memory recording up to 4 users.Ecumenical cuff 2..
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Medel Family Plus Nebulizer
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Medel Family PlusAerosol therapy system with breath-enhanced nebulizerHigh efficiency and minimum drug wasteMedel FAMILY PLUS is a piston-type compressor nebulizer system, very silent and easy to use, ideal for home use.It is supplied with the innovative double-valve-system Medeljet Plus nebulizer, ..
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Medel Oxygen PO 01 MEDEL OXYGEN PO01 is a pulse oximeter that measures Oxygen Saturation (Sp02) and heart rate (pulses). It is small and has a bright display making it perfect for home and mobile use. It has an easy-to-read screen with 4 different options available. Medel OXYGEN PO01 is s..
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