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6-position Multipurpose Plastic Mold for 2gr Suppositories
-19 % SOLD OUT
2g Plastic Suppository Mold Product Name: 2g Case (2gr) English Name: Plastic Multi Use Suppository Molds They have a torpedo shape. Packing 1 piece (6 boxes)..
4.00€ 4.96€
Ex Tax:3.23€
7-position Lipstick Pet Mold
-22 % SOLD OUT
Mold / Lipstick Mold Three-dimensional molds made of polyethylene for molding lipstick with fruit, jelly or chocolate. & nbsp; Bearing: < ul> in the cold and in the dishwasher at temperatures below 70 ° C Packaging 1 piece (7 seats)..
26.04€ 33.48€
Ex Tax:21.00€
Transparent Plastic Lipstick Tube 5ml Packaging 1 item..
Ex Tax:0.35€
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