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Υποκατάστατα Άλατος

Uni-Pharma Cardiosalt Mineral Salt with 50% less sodium 250gr
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Uni-Pharma Cardiosalt Mineral Salt with 50% less sodiumIn Cardio Salt, sodium salt is substituted with potassium, magnesium and calcium salts.Substitution of the common table salt by Cardio Salt helps reduce sodium consumption and maintain normal blood pressure, without reductions in taste.50% less ..
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BON SALT -60%Alternative to common salt, as it has 60% less sodium and the same taste.It is perfect for everyone, as it has a great taste, but is especially suitable for people who must follow a diet low in sodium.Castello since 1907 Salt has 60% less sodium than common salt and is prepared with nat..
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Ino Plus Lo Salt 350gr
-15 % Delivery in 1-3 days
LoSalt offers all the flavor with just 1/3 of sodium. On average we consume about 9g. salt per day, although our body needs less than 2g. Medical research shows that excessive sodium intake in the diet (mainly from salt) exerts pressure and causes hypertension. For those: their stress watch..
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