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Intermed Eva Pleasure - Thin gel to enhance sexual pleasure 24ml
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Intermed Eva PleasureEva Pleasure is a thin-layer gel with amino acids and special herbal extracts to increase female sexual stimulation and multiply the sensation of pleasure during sexual intercourse. The action of gel is naturally achieved by the local creation of hyperaemia which contributes to ..
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Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 is a silky and sensual caress for your body! Contains aloe vera, known for its rejuvenating and nourishing properties, and in addition to enjoying a massage can also used as a lubricant. Activate your imagination and senses and enjoy one of the most enjoyable, relaxing,..
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Play Massage Stimulant is the ideal solution for a thrilling massage and irritating aromatherapy experience. With a light and silky feel, it has the delicate aroma and taste of Guarana that will stimulate your senses! duration of preparations, which can lead to very intense erotic moments. Ideal ..
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Durex Play Perfect Glide 50ml Long lasting lubricant for more enjoyment. It is the longest lasting lubricant of all lubricants by Durex. Lasts 3 times longer. Based on a waterproof composition that does not dry easily, leaving a feeling of warmth. Soft silky texture. > Use where long ..
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Eva Vagil - Personal lubricant to facilitate sexual intercourse Eva Vagil is a specially designed water-based liquid gel that mimics the composition of normal vaginal secretions that are produced to facilitate sexual intercourse during it. At the same time, its enriched composition with chamomile..
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