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Θερμαντικές Κρέμες - Gel

Erythro Forte Thermo Cream 100ml
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Relieves muscle pain due to physical causes such as back pain, groin pain, joint pain, colds, flu, swelling, headaches due to neck muscle overload.  Ideal for warming up athletes CONTRAINDICATIONS Wounds, open, irritated skin. PRECAUTIONS Not in lactation. Avoid skin contact with eye..
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Pharmasept Thermorelief Heat Power GelHeating gel that provides relief to sore and aching areas of body.  Enriched with mild heating agents that provide a long-term heating sensation, for up to 3-4 hours, without irritating. The only one with a pleasant scent.  Ideal for pains of..
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Relief from long-lasting muscle aches. Heating gel contains capsicum oil, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oil and thyme, ingredients that create a warmth sensation and boost blood circulation locally, giving stimulation and well-being of the stressed areas. Applies to waist, back, neck and extremiti..
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