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Προϊόντα με Άρνικα

Apivita Herbal Creme Gel with ArnicaArnica gel, ideal for muscle aches, bumps, insect bites and general swelling, sprains and tired legs swelling. Used for bruising, falls and injuries ( sprains) Used for cases of stroke muscles Used for relief after intense exercise Used for swollen tired ..
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Bioderma Cicabio Arnica + Bruising Cream with Arnica 40ml
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Soothing care that helps eliminate bruises, bumps and bruises BIOLOGICAL MODE OF ACTION Cicabio Arnica + helps eliminate fast and targeted bruises and pigments responsible for blue. The extract of arnica and apigenin degrades and helps in the rapid and targeted elimination of pigments responsi..
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Power Health Soothing Arnicare Cream 50ml
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Power Health Arnicare cream is a cream for bruises and sprains with Arnica Montana extract and Carey butter. Arnica is an herb that relieves the pain and symptoms of joint inflammation, muscle aches, cramps and minor injuries such as sprains. It also reduces bruises and swelling that accompanies the..
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